How to Coach the Expressive Personality

They're engaging, accommodating, persuasive and relationship-oriented rather than task-oriented.

How To Coach The ‘Expressive’ Personality
September 5, 2018 Anya Anderson

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing tips on how to coach the four different personality types that you find in your teams: the Analytical, the Expressive, the Relator and the Driver.

Each has strengths/weaknesses and a unique way of communicating and being communicated to.

This week we’re covering: the Expressive.

The Expressive personality, a verbally adept personality, is engaging, accommodating, supportive of others, persuasive, socially adept, and relationship- rather than task-oriented.

The expressive personality type loves to be one of the ‘gang’. They’re always ready for something new and exciting, especially if the rest of the gang is ready to join in and participate. Their strengths include enthusiasm, diplomacy and the ability to inspire others.

An expressive’s weaknesses involve impatience, a tendency to generalize, verbal assaults, and sometimes irrational behavior. They can also be seen as egotistical, manipulative, undisciplined, reactive, unorganized, or abrasive.

They’re always ready to exchange information and life experiences, and their main need is to be appreciated and accepted. They take pleasure in recognition and approval while their pain is isolation and lack of attention.

How to Coach the Expressive:

  • Focus on developing a relationship
  • Try to show how your ideas will improve his or her image
  • Be enthusiastic, open, and responsive
  • Relate to the need to share information, stories, and experience
  • Be forthcoming and willing to talk
  • Ask and answer “who” questions
  • Agree clearly and often
  • Remember to be warm and approachable at all times
  • Work to minimize his or her direct involvement with details or personal conflicts

If you’d like to learn more about the Expressive, you can download our coaching personalities whitepaper for free here.


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