How to Coach the 'Relator' Personality

They are devoted, consistent, dependable, and loyal - persevering long after others have given up.

How To Coach The ‘Relator’ Personality
September 12, 2018 Anya Anderson

Learning to work with different individuals is imperative to your success in your career and your wider organisation.

Studies have identified four basic personality types. Their titles change often but the traits for each remain the same. At RedSeed, we call them the Analytical, the Expressive, the Relator and the Driver.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing tips on how to coach each of these personalities within your workplace. Each has their strengths and weaknesses and a unique way of communicating. 

What are their strengths?

Devoted, consistent, dependable, and loyal. The Relator personality is a hard worker and will persevere long after others have given up.

Sometimes known as the ‘Amiable’, this personality is a team player, cooperative and easy to get along with. They’re trustful, sensitive and great listeners.

Relators avoid confrontation when working in groups with cooperative individuals. They enjoy company and perform best in a stable environment, often having a stabilising effect on others.

What are their weaknesses?

A Relator can be indecisive and lack the ability to take risks. Relators are often focused on others, conforming, keeping quiet, and remaining passive. They often won’t speak up for themselves. In addition to that, they are painstakingly slow to make decisions.

The Relator’s pleasure is stability and cooperation and their pain is change and chaos.

How do I coach a Relator?

  • Be relaxed and agreeable
  • Maintain the status quo
  • Be logical and systematic
  • Create a plan with written guidelines
  • Be prepared to answer “why” questions
  • Agree clearly and often
  • Use the word “we”
  • Compliment him or her as a team player
  • Be a good listener

If you’d like to learn more about the Relator, you can download our coaching personalities whitepaper for free here.


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