7 Cost-Saving Learning Initiatives

You can begin implementing them in your business, today!

Low-Cost Learning Initiatives You Can Implement Today!
August 29, 2018 Anya Anderson

Ongoing learning is essential to any businesses overall strategy. It gives employees a fire in their belly, and feel valued from having the opportunity to grow their skillset and grow within the company. We know budgets can be tight however and there may not be enough money to properly invest in training for all your people. 

How can you be sure the initiative you’re spending on is going to get results?

Here are some great low-cost learning initiatives (some of them are even FREE) that you can take advantage of within your organisation today!

Self-Directed Learning

Self-directed programs give the learner a sense of control and that gives a better acquisition. Scientific research has shown it influences cognitive processes, such as attention and memory.

It keeps employees from feeling like mindless drones being ordered to learn. The most important criteria are simple – the choice must be theirs.

We’re not saying you shouldn’t give deadlines for learning modules to be completed. We think that’s incredibly important but scheduling training time becomes less and less possible. With a cloud-based learning programme, your employees can learn when and where they like and in their own time!

Implementing self-directed learning pathways also helps weed out actively disengaged workers and focus your attention their way!

Lunch & Learns

As we all know, nothing draws a crowd quite like a free lunch. For the price of a few platters and drinks, you can foster a culture of social learning.

‘Lunch & Learns’ are where you spend a typical lunch break (could be weekly, monthly or quarterly) focused on a work-related topic often led by a specialist on that topic. It could be discussing a new strategy, product or team.  These are best kept casual and social with a Q&A at the end of each session.

Training Process Gamification

RedSeed do this right! With our customised training modules hosted on a cloud-based LMS, we have learning activities within the training modules that help break up videos and keep engagement levels high.

Turning elements of a training process into a game or challenge can serve as a fun, memorable way to educate employees and allow them to better retain information. In fact, any activity that teaches information in a fun context can be a very effective training tool. Not to mention, low-cost.

Review And Assess

Reviewing and assessing are key features when implementing any training initiative. By seeing results, everyone understands the programs better. For example, once a new hire completes their onboarding sessions, test their knowledge to ensure critical information was shared. If everyone misses the same question, then you can review the material or evaluate the trainer to improve effectiveness.

Development Plans

Hold sessions to assist employees in making their own development plans. These should include their personal mission statements, their short-term and long-term career goals, their current skills gaps and plans to close these gaps. This is very cheap if you have an e-learning developer and a subject matter expert or a trainer with this expertise!

Training Videos

Teaching through visual online based modules is what we do at RedSeed and we do it well! Why not film your monthly meeting and host it on a cloud-based LMS? This allows everyone to receive the same great knowledge and watch when it best suits them? Recordings can also act as an on-demand refresher for those that were at the meeting.

Online Training And Face-To-Face Coaching

Using a mix of short, easily-digestible online learning content along with individual follow-up discussions can accelerate the path to productivity for new starters and permanent employees.

At RedSeed, we know this is one of the most low-cost and easy-to-implement – learning on easily accessible platforms, mixing in face-to-face coaching sessions.

We do this by harnessing the power of your businesses managers and assistant managers – having them lead from the top and coach trainees at the end of each learning module. Trainees are encouraged to demonstrate their newly learned skills with the guidance of their manager who has already made their way through the RedSeed programme.

The benefits include real-time direct feedback, knowledge transfer and gives the trainee an individual learning experience. The mix of video-based online training modules that participants can work through at their own pace and in-store social coaching are the perfect combination.


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