The Perfect SCORM

Is RedSeed SCORM capable? The answer - we’re always happy to say - is a resounding, “YES!”

The Perfect SCORM
August 30, 2017 Anya Anderson

At Redseed, we excel at building high-quality, bespoke retail-training courses for our clients, featuring professionally-shot videos and proven training concepts that get results. Sometimes we also get asked, however, if our clients can use RedSeed’s user-friendly training interface and reporting tools with their existing courses.

The answer – we’re always happy to say – is a resounding, “YES!”

Through a set of industry-wide training standards known as SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model), our clients can seamlessly integrate their existing training materials into Redseed and generate reports that include these courses just like any other Redseed-developed course.

Running a SCORM course in RedSeed feels very similar to one of our off-the-shelf courses, trainees still log in to RedSeed and start the course from their training dashboard. Just like our other courses, Redseed will send email alerts to trainees that have not started a course, haven’t progressed in a while or just need a bit of help to finish it.

An existing SCORM course can also form part of a learning pathway, alongside a custom-developed or off-the-shelf Redseed course.

This flexibility makes Redseed one of the most extensible and easy-to-implement learning management systems out there!

So what is SCORM? Simply put, it’s a set of standards and specifications to allow eLearning courses to be created by a variety of applications and rolled out on any compatible Learning Management System (LMS) such as RedSeed.

Interestingly, SCORM was originally created by the United States Department of Defence to allow multiple service providers to produce courses that are all compatible. It’s been around since early 2000 and has become the unofficial standard in online training and eLearning, used by thousands of companies across the globe.

SCORM is to online training courses as PDF is to electronic documents: even though it can be created and read by an endless variety of programs on all sorts of platforms, your document (or training programme) should always look and feel as you intended, thanks to the strict standards set out by the format.

RedSeed currently supports all major versions of SCORM from 1.2 onwards, including the newest version – the xAPI (also known as Tin Can).

There are many SCORM authoring software tools available, some free and some paid for applications. We have had good success with Adobe Captivate and Articulate Storyline, both offer a free trial – which is handy in deciding which will work best for your organisation.

Of course, if you have any questions for us then don’t hesitate to get in contact!