Create Retail Rainmakers


noun rain·mak·er ˈrān-ˌmā-kər

1:  a person (as a sales assistant in a retail store) who brings in new business; also :  a person whose influence can initiate progress or ensure success

The Top 5 Traits of a Retail Rainmaker


We’re often asked to define what a Retail Rainmaker looks like and what makes them special. So read on to discover the 5 traits that make the best Retail Rainmakers.


Rainmakers. Every team’s got one. The Rainmaker is the person in your team who is always closing the most sales… and making it look easy! Do you know who the Rainmaker in your team is?

Download our latest whitepaper to learn how to identify the Rainmakers in your team. Find out what makes them tick so you don’t miss one the next time you’re hiring.

Harness your Rainmaker’s sales power and start to see a real shift in the sales culture of your business!

Get your copy and learn why it’s important to:

  • Dream big and set SMART goals
  • Listen… more than you speak
  • Turn features into benefits
  • Hold yourself accountable
  • Build relationships without selling

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RedSeed Sales Training

Create a Team of Retail Rainmakers

Retail is a diverse industry. This is why our retail training programmes cover all aspects of retail with a specific focus on sales and customer service.

All of our courses have been created with the aim of building the confidence of your team so they can provide your customers with a world-class customer experience, and increase the overall sales of your business. Check out the different courses we offer, below!

70% of buying decisions are based on how the customer feels.

So ensuring that your team know how to confidently sell to your customers is vital to the success of your business.

Training staff for their current level of skill is key in getting the most out of your training. Because every retail rainmaker has to start somewhere, right? This is why RedSeed sales training is split into three levels:

  • Sell em’ Something
  • Sell ‘em More
  • Sell it Faster


We provide online retail training solutions, teach your team the essential skills they need to become rainmakers!

HiTech Awards Finalists 2013
HiTech Awards Finalists 2013

RedSeed will increase your sales and turnover, reduce costs and overheads and grow your staff’s confidence and sales ability. Your Customers will love shopping with you!

With a simple, clean and polished interface maximised by interactive video for ultimate engagement, RedSeed provides an accessible platform for companies and staff to improve their sales. This also ensures a sustainable training culture across the entire sales force.

Because not all online training is created equal.

Collectively, we have over 110 years experience in the service industry. We know what works and we’re committed to sharing our knowledge so that you can get the most out of your teams, and the most out of your training!

Want to know more about us?

Download the RedSeed Pocket Guide and find out what makes us tick. Learn how our unique training methodology is seeing our clients buck the trend and consistently trade above their counterparts.

Our courses are designed to be simple and effective; offering small chunks of information at a time.

We take a blended approach to learning by facilitating manager involvement and coaching.

Different learning styles are incorporated throughout our programmes through instructional design.


noun rain·mak·er ˈrān-ˌmā-kər

Definition of RAINMAKER

1:  a person (as a sales assistant in a retail store) who brings in new business; also :  a person whose influence can initiate progress or ensure success