“Our team feels more confident on the floor.

The results are speaking for themselves!”

GRAEME ALLEN - Operations Manager, Bivouac Outdoor


Bivouac Outdoor Case Study

Bivouac Outdoor provides premium clothing and equipment from the world’s best brands for camping, climbing, fitness, hiking, snow sports and travel. They enable their customers to have a lifetime of safe, comfortable and inspiring outdoor adventures in New Zealand and overseas, through their eleven stores around the country.

When Graeme Allen (Operations Manager) joined Bivouac in 2017, he knew he had his own mountain to climb. His experience in the Outdoor Equipment Industry was comprehensive enough to know he was in a very competitive market. Well aware that his people were Bivouac’s biggest asset, his goal was to take his team’s results from good to great.

Sales training was the obvious solution, but finding the right programme was just half the challenge. Introducing a new workload to his already busy team and managing that change was not going to be an easy task. He knew that upskilling his team would give Bivouac that competitive edge he was looking for, but little did he know he would get much more than that after engaging with RedSeed.

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