Employee Training & Development LMS Platform Online

Capitalise on your staff’s strengths and drive business performance by investing in online training software.

The most progressive companies know that the best training software can become one of their biggest assets. With LMS corporate training, your staff not only benefit from ongoing self-development, but it also allows your company to be open to a more clear and defined growth plan.

Redseed’s Employee Training and Development Platform is delivered completely online so that your staff get the training they need while maintaining productivity.

Our corporate training platform and web-based training software are accessible from any device. Flexibility, mobility, and simplicity – the Redseed LMS platform is designed for the modern workplace. It’s the perfect on-the-go training platform that can be accessed anywhere at any time for staff and managers who want training to be quick and effective.

What is online training management software?

Online training software is exactly as it sounds… it’s an employee training system that is delivered online. Unlike staff training courses of the past that were completely face-to-face, an online training program gives managers and staff the freedom to learn from their devices (phone, laptop, tablet, etc.) whenever, wherever.

Online training software makes it easier for companies to regularly train their staff and track their progress. Using an LMS, staff and their managers can access coursework, videos, quizzes, and feedback on the one integrated system. Within this platform, staff can see a simple user interface that has links to all their courses and individual progress. It’s similar to distance education provided by online universities. The difference is that online employee training software is customised to deliver coursework related to your specific business, company, or industry.

An LMS makes learning more flexible, which is a necessity in fast-paced work environments. With an LMS, staff can train in their own time and on their terms.

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Why use an LMS for employee training?

Business training software makes the delivery of staff training programs and courses easier. Employee training & development platforms such as the Redseed LMS are purposefully built for staff training and business success.

Online employee training through an LMS has many advantages over traditional classroom-based learning. For one, there is little downtime required. With short online courses, staff can easily fit training around a busy work day.The entire process is geared toward the needs of your team. This means an LMS can be accessed, used, and integrated when it suits the employee. Managers can upload coursework or set deadlines for assessments, and give staff the flexibility to complete this on their own time.

What are the benefits of online employee training?

Whether you’re a small business or large enterprise, online employee training carries many benefits. Not only do staff develop greater skills and become more proficient at their jobs, but businesses with a well-designed online training program can also  increase employee retention. Employees are more likely to remain at a workplace that offers consistent training and avenues to further develop their skills and a career path. By reducing staff turnover rates, businesses can keep up with industry standards and have an edge over competitors.

With an LMS, managers or those in HR can also improve their skills. Through coaching programs and mentoring employees, managers can upskill and develop the insight to training staff more effectively.

Regardless of your industry, investing in online employee training shows potential staff and clients your commitment and confidence in your employees and company, and presents the company as being reputable and professional.

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Who should use an online training platform?

Corporate online training through an LMS is invaluable for any company in any industry. We specialise in providing web-based training software along with a growing library of ready-to-go courses that are fast to deploy.

If you are in the retail sector, our LMS platform can be used in conjunction with our retail training courses.

If you are a business looking at investing in your staff training and need a solution for training staff quickly, then Redseed can help. We’re more than just an LMS. We offer a full library of courses covering; service, sales, soft skills, compliance, wellbeing and leadership. On-top of this, our team of learning experts can create entirely bespoke video-based courses tailored to your businesses unique needs.

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Why choose the Redseed LMS?

RedSeed LMS delivers successful employee training which is simple, quick, and effective. We are experts at driving behaviour change within businesses with training which is aligned to tangible business outcomes.

Our LMS is designed to be super easy to use and geared toward the success of both the employee and the company.

Key to the success of the RedSeed LMS is the blended learning functionality which facilitates coach-led training interactions to ensure behaviour change and drive training engagement.

The RedSeed LMS automates repetitive manual tasks and minimises disruptions so that staff can train and work without any downtime. Staff can access the LMS wherever there’s an Internet connection. Online training software makes training flexible and leaves room for course creation and curation of learning pathways for individual team members. Managers can integrate their coursework or use a Redseed training course, (or both) to deliver training that will bring the best results, fast. On top of this, an online LMS reduces training costs, and once implemented, can be accessed as many times as you want.

RedSeed LMS is customisable to any company structure and allows you to set your business training up, your way. We’re passionate about your success and provide all the necessary tools to make your online staff training the best investment you’ll ever make.

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