Retail Training Specialists

We’ll take care of all your training needs. your course content creation. the delivery of your training. your training comms. all your reporting needs.

We provide an end-to-end solution for training retail teams.

Content creation, customisation, delivery, communication, reporting; we do it all!
Our customisable off-the-shelf training programmes mean deployment to your team is quick and painless.
Let’s have a coffee and let our learning experts help you to assess any training needs or gaps in your business, and provide you with recommendations on how to best achieve your training, ROI goals and ultimately put more money in your till!


Let’s make sure our goals are aligned before we start working together, so we can provide you with the most value possible!


We’ll tailor your solution to match the things that make your retail business unique, and align with key business drivers.


With current brands seeing 12% sales growth, we’ll manage the roll-out process, so your team can start selling more, faster.

What is RedSeed’s smart retail training system?

Used in 6000+ retail stores across the globe, find out how the RedSeed system is training over 50,000 sales superstars.