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We provide effective cloud-based training solutions with video demonstrations showcasing all the essential customer service and selling skills your staff need to be the best.

By merging the best of ‘face to face’ training, the internet (the cloud) and a few of our own magic touches we’ve reimagined retail training. We’ve built a system to deliver our customised off-the-shelf courses, or any bespoke training programmes, that’s smarter, increases engagement, embeds training culture and offers a greater insight into training performance.

  • Different learning styles are incorporated throughout our programmes through instructional design.
  • A blended approach to learning is achieved through practice activities.
  • Courses are simple and effective; offering small chunks of information at a time.

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Find the course that’s right for your team

Retail is a diverse industry. This is why our retail training programmes cover a number of different aspects to retail. All of our courses have been created with the aim of building the confidence of your team so they can provide your customers with a world-class customer experience, and increase the overall sales of your business. Check out the different courses we offer, below!


Retail Sales Training

70% of buying decisions are based on how the customer feels. So ensuring that your team know how to confidently sell to your customers is vital to the success of your business.

Training staff for their current level of skill is key in getting the most out of your training. This is why RedSeed sales training is split into three levels:

  • Sell em’ Something
  • Sell ‘em More
  • Sell it Faster




Having a well-tailored induction programme plays a vital role in the retention of new hires. It sets the tone for what your new staff can come to expect as part of your team.


Customer Service

RedSeeds cloud-based customer service programme ensures that you have the power to train all of your staff to provide unparalleled customer service, no matter how large you team might be.


B2B Sales

80% of the average salesperson’s day is spent on non-revenue generating activities, including not knowing where to find good prospects or recognising them once they find them.


Product Knowledge

The key to the success of RedSeeds product knowledge training is all in the way we include example sales techniques, showing ‘what good looks like’ with your product.


Compliance Training

Online compliance training means that changes in legislation can be seamlessly updated in the training with minimal interruption. Our reporting also gives you transparency in Quality Assurance.


Retail Management

Your managers are the driving force in your retail business. Equip your team with the best-of-breed by arming your retail managers with world leading industry training.


Find out how Hallenstein Brothers have used RedSeed to build confidence and increase sales figures for their retail teams.


Hear how RedSeed has played an integral part of Warehouse Stationery's transformation which has seen 17 quarters of same store sales growth.

Creating retail superstars!

Check out which retailers have already made the smart decision to move their training to RedSeed


To grow the confidence of your sales team through online retail training that sticks!

We get asked all the time; “Why do you do what you do?”. Well, the answer is actually quite simple. We do it because we love retail.

Online Sales Training

We make retail training easy!

Choosing an online retail training provider and delivering quality ‘outcomes-focused’ training to a large team across the globe can be a mission. No matter what your training outcomes are, with RedSeed, training’s not only easy to manage it’s also guaranteed to get results.

At RedSeed, we like to keep things simple and to prove it, below is an example of just how easy it is to get your retail training live with us.

We’ll consult with you first, then film tailored scenarios with your staff. Then we build the course and host it in the cloud (that means it’s online), and once that’s all done you can start training. See…easy!

We know what works and we’re committed to sharing our knowledge so that you can get the most out of your teams, and the most out of your training!

  • We’ve gone through 18 consecutive quarters of same stores sales growth and this (the RedSeed training) has been one part of the success story that Warehouse Stationery has had.
    PAUL GIANOTTIExecutive General Manager - Operations, Warehouse Stationery
  • Since implementing RedSeed we’ve been receiving a lot more positive customer feedback.
    KERRY MAEAGeneral Manager Operations, Hallenstein Brothers
  • Our mystery shopping results increased and we've been able to maintain a high level of results throughout our stores for over the 5 years we've been using RedSeed.
    KERRY MAEAGeneral Manager Operations, Hallenstein Brothers
  • The key with the manager and team member interaction is being able to sustain those great customer service experiences on the shop floor. We find that with the daily, weekly and monthly catch ups can highlight the great stuff but also pinpoint the areas where there needs to be a bit of a brush up.
    PAUL GIANOTTIExecutive General Manager - Operations, Warehouse Stationery
  • We’re very, very happy with the product, support and our decison to partner with RedSeed.
    Garth CookLearning & Development Manager. The Warehouse
  • We had a really good internal training programme but it was a paper based, heavy in administration, the marking was difficult and the paper went on forever. When I first saw RedSeed I realised it was a great online solution and a superior training programmme as well.
    DAVID ADKINSRetail Group Manager, Ziera


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