Retail Coach Training


Retail Coach Training

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Harnesses the power of your managers as coaches.

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Video based

Video is at the heart of the RedSeed blended learning solution.

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All devices

Viewing on computer, tablet or phone — RedSeed will shine.

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Who’s it for?

  • Store Managers
  • Area / Regional Managers
  • Anyone who has a team and is responsible for coaching them.


Topics covered

  • What is coaching?
  • What are the benefits of coaching?
  • The coaching mindset.
  • How to observe effectively.
  • Giving great feedback.
  • Coaching techniques.
  • The GROW coaching model explained.
  • Supporting progress and development.


Learning outcomes

After completing this course, your managers will be able to demonstrate the following behaviours with confidence;

  • Approach coaching with a positive mindset and see it as an opportunity to develop the skills of their team.
  • Consciously move from doing to delegating, to free up their time and to empower their team.
  • Understand what they’re looking for when observing their team and what benchmarks to work to.
  • Be able to give constructive feedback that changes the behaviour of their team members.
  • Use the appropriate coaching technique, depending on the person and the situation.
  • Use GROW on the floor and also in a more formal situation.
  • Support their team to try new things and gain confidence.
  • To overcome defensive behaviour.
  • Observe, coach and give feedback continuously so it becomes embedded into the way they work.


Optional extras

Add 11 customised videos in-store to demonstrate the coaching techniques in-situ. Scripted in partnership with key stakeholders and filmed in your environment, using your people. Customised video shows your best practice and increases engagement and uptake of the right behaviours.

    CHRISTINA FAIRHURSTAustralasian Training, Promotions & PR Manager, Revlon
    “This generation of Revlon’s people live on phones and mobile devices, so the resource is already there, we just needed to tap-into it.”
    KARMA WETEREGeneral Manager of Retail, Max Fashions
    “What was the most exciting thing was when you walked into a store you heard the ‘RedSeed’ language”
    MATT ROBERTSGeneral Manager, Hunter Furniture Group
    “With what we’ve developed with RedSeed our staff are really enjoying the interaction — it’s suited to our business, it’s relevant, it’s clearly tailored and they look forward to the new modules coming out and working their way through it.”  
    KELLY HOPKINSLearning and Development Manager, Kathmandu
    “RedSeed had the best product available, there is obviously a lot of online learning solutions in the market but what’s a big challenge for us and what we’ve always wanted to do was to have a solution that wasn’t simply completing something online — so we really like the RedSeed platform which involves video content, on-the-floor coaching and a real time feedback system which is really important to us.”
    KARMA WETEREGeneral Manager of Retail, Max Fashions
    “The impact has been huge! Team engagement and feedback on the RedSeed training has been incredibly positive”
    ANNE POLLARDHead of Learning and Development, 2degrees
    “It has had a really positive impact. We’ve been able to show a direct correlation between RedSeed completion and increased sales.”