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Basics of communication

Each course is self-paced and will take you about 10 to 15 minutes to complete.

Short videos will show you what good looks like and provide you with some thought-provoking actions that your team can implement. Questions, activities and resources will help your team remember the key learning points.

Front-line staff.
Anyone who communicates with others!

After completing this programme, your team will be able to:

Recognise the key building blocks of good communication.
Define each of the four different types of communication.
Define and give original examples of active listening. 
Recall the ‘Ask, Listen, Include’ technique of active listening.
Describe the impact tone, pitch and pace have on communication.
Recite the ‘THINK’ acronym for effective communication.
Summarise the ‘Pause’ technique.
Identify the different components of body language.
Explain the impact that body language has on communication.
Identify barriers to communication and explain how to overcome them.
What is communication?

An introduction to the most important aspects of effective communication, including the four main communication types.

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Active listening

Develop the skills needed to demonstrate active listening in every conversation.

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Tone, pitch and pace

Control your tone, pitch and pace, and be sure it's sending the right message when you communicate.

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Communicating thoughtfully

Become a considerate and thoughtful communicator by evaluating the impact of the words you choose before you speak.

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Body language

Interpret the true meaning of others' body language, and know how to use your own body language to become an expert at non-verbal communication.

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Communication barriers

Recognise the most common barriers to successful communication and learn how to overcome them with confidence.

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