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Creating an inclusive workplace

Did you know that inclusive teams, working in high-diversity environments are more productive?

When your workplace has a diverse and inclusive environment your team will have a sense of belonging. They’ll feel more connected at work, which tends to result in them working harder and smarter, and producing higher quality work. 

As a result, businesses that adopt diversity and inclusion practices:

Attract more talent.
Attract a younger workforce who are wanting to work for inclusive employers.
Retain team members.
Boost their reputation.
Increases creativity.
Improves wellbeing.
Positively impacts company culture.
Results in better returns.
Your entire team.

After completing this programme, your team will be able to:

Explain diversity and inclusion and how these contribute to a sense of belonging.
Identify how personal biases impact or affect others.
Identify the difference between equity and equality and how this can be demonstrated in your workplace.
Online course - Defining diversity, inclusion & belonging
Defining diversity, inclusion & belonging

Learn what diversity and inclusion look like and how they contribute to a sense of belonging in your workplace.

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Online course - Wellbeing - Understanding equality & equity
Understanding equality & equity

Understand the difference between equality and equity, and recognise the importance of demonstrating both in your workplace.

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Online course - Identifying conscious & unconscious bias
Identifying conscious & unconscious bias

Identify your conscious and unconscious biases, consider how these may impact others around you and recognise how you can reduce these biases to improve your workplace.

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Online course - Demonstrating empathy
Demonstrating empathy

Learn why empathy is so important in your workplace and how you can demonstrate different types of empathy to contribute to a supportive work environment.

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