Retail Recruitment Training

Employ the right people for success!

There’s no secret to hiring great people. It’s about good process and understanding your culture and needs.

Learning how to best prepare, and then conduct an effective interview is an essential skill in building a winning team. Understanding what skills you will be able to teach your new hire, and what characteristics and traits they need to bring with them, will help you make a good decision when selecting a candidate.
Making a good job of on-boarding new team members will set them up for success and allow you to build a top performing team.
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Harnesses the power of your managers as coaches.

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Video based

Video is at the heart of the RedSeed blended learning solution.

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All devices

Viewing on computer, tablet or phone — RedSeed will shine.

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Who’s it for?

  • Store Managers.
  • Area and Regional Managers.
  • Anyone recruiting currently, or wanting to develop their recruitment skills for the future.


Topics covered

  • Company expectations.
  • Planning, including; identifying the gap, advertising, understanding the process.
  • Hiring mistakes.
  • How to evaluate a candidate.
  • Personality traits.
  • Interviewing skills.
  • Recruitment legislation.
  • Conducting an interview.
  • Evaluating candidates, including; reference checking and dealing with unsuccessful candidates.
  • On-boarding and candidate care.


Learning outcomes

After completing this course, your managers will be able to demonstrate the following behaviours with confidence;

  • How to identify the skills required for vacant roles.
  • An understanding of the interview process and the legal requirements.
  • Conduct an interview using behavioural-based questions.
  • Be able to interpret candidate responses and dig deeper when necessary.
  • Show a fair and objective process when evaluating candidates.
  • Phone unsuccessful candidates while maintaining a good company brand image.
  • Onboard employees and set them up for success.
  • Over time, develop a team of passionate people who embody your brand personality and promise.


Optional extras

Add 8 customised videos in-store to demonstrate your own unique recruiting processes. Scripted in partnership with key stakeholders and filmed in your environment, using your people. Customised video shows your best practice and increases engagement and uptake of the right behaviours.

    KARMA WETEREGeneral Manager of Retail, Max Fashions
    “How do we keep engagement up? It comes from the top, you’ve got to live it and breathe it — that’s it”
    KARMA WETEREGeneral Manager of Retail, Max Fashions
    “Not only did we find that increases in RedSeed Energy mapped to improvements in Mystery Shopper results, we also found the opposite to be true. Stores that saw a drop in Energy also saw a large drop in Mystery Shopping results”
    KARMA WETEREGeneral Manager of Retail, Max Fashions
    “The impact has been huge! Team engagement and feedback on the RedSeed training has been incredibly positive”
    CHRISTINA FAIRHURSTAustralasian Training, Promotions & PR Manager, Revlon
    “This generation of Revlon’s people live on phones and mobile devices, so the resource is already there, we just needed to tap-into it.”
    KELLY HOPKINSLearning and Development Manager, Kathmandu
    “The RedSeed team was very professional and the process was very smooth”
    KARMA WETEREGeneral Manager of Retail, Max Fashions
    “Since using RedSeed, our Mystery Shopper results are up on last years, and our items per sale have increased well over eighty per cent!”