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Retail Sales Training

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Harnesses the power of your managers as coaches.

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Video based

Video is at the heart of the RedSeed blended learning solution.

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All devices

Viewing on computer, tablet or phone — RedSeed will shine.

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Who’s it for?

  • Retail managers
  • Assistant managers
  • Retail assistants / associates


Topics covered

  • Getting prepared to sell.
  • Opening the sale and starting a conversation.
  • Uncovering the customer’s needs.
  • Demonstrating a solution to the customer using FABs.
  • Handling customer objections.
  • Adding additional value to the sale.
  • Closing the sale.
  • Confirming and following up with the customer.


Optional extras

20 customised videos, including an intro from your CEO. Filmed in-store, with your people and products, customised video allows you to demonstrate how to use the techniques and to make it yours!

Learning outcomes

After completing this course, as a sales person you will be able to demonstrate the following behaviours with confidence;

  • Can greet all customers appropriately, build rapport and encourage them to chat.
  • Can find out what the customer has come in for.
  • Asks the right questions to uncover the customer’s needs.
  • Asks enough ‘lifestyle’ questions to pre-empt adding on to create a total solution.
  • Has enough product knowledge to show the right products to the customers.
  • Can adapt the amount / level / type of information they give to the customer so that it best resonates with the customers needs.
  • Can find out what the customer’s true objection is and is able to effectively overcome it.
  • Always tries to maintain margin and doesn’t give away discount as a first option.
  • Always tries to add additional items to a sale to create a total solution for the customer.
  • Makes sales, hits targets.
  • Builds a base of loyal customers.
  • Helps to reinforce the brand positioning through the customer experience.
    CHRISTINA FAIRHURSTAustralasian Training, Promotions & PR Manager, Revlon
    “This generation of Revlon’s people live on phones and mobile devices, so the resource is already there, we just needed to tap-into it.”
    KARMA WETEREGeneral Manager of Retail, Max Fashions
    “The launch is key, you’ve got to create that hype, that engagement and excitement around it so the team see it’s actually valuable and something that benefits them and will make their life easier”
    YASMIN KACHWALALearning and Development Manager, 2degrees
    “RedSeed has positively impacted our sales, our NPS and our mystery shopping results.”
    MATT ROBERTSGeneral Manager, Hunter Furniture Group
    “It's not just seen as an investment in the business but our teams see it as an investment in themselves as well.”  
    KELLY HOPKINSLearning and Development Manager, Kathmandu
    “RedSeed had the best product available, there is obviously a lot of online learning solutions in the market but what’s a big challenge for us and what we’ve always wanted to do was to have a solution that wasn’t simply completing something online — so we really like the RedSeed platform which involves video content, on-the-floor coaching and a real time feedback system which is really important to us.”
    ANNE POLLARDHead of Learning and Development, 2degrees
    “It has had a really positive impact. We’ve been able to show a direct correlation between RedSeed completion and increased sales.”