Manage users, deploy courses, coach, and track progress.

If you want a platform that‘s focused on learning and performance outcomes, rather than managing process, then the RedSeed LMS is for you!

Designed for customer experience teams.

Our integrated coaching tool will supercharge your learning.

RedSeed LMS 'my training' course dashboard

Courses for your entire team!

Use RedSeed’s off-the-shelf courses. Upload your own SCORM or xAPI courses and host them on RedSeed. 
Manage and track all course enrolments - even training provided by external providers.
It‘s easy with RedSeed! 

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RedSeed LMS Coaching and marking interface

Change behaviours and get results!

The RedSeed LMS guides, reminds, supports and requires your managers to coach and support their team members to practise their new skills.
With RedSeed your team won‘t just ‘know it’ - they‘ll be able to ‘do it’!
RedSeed LMS location dashboard

Easy to use

We have made it super easy to customise and manage all your locations, teams, courses, engagement, resources, users, enrolments and coaching.
Spend time on learning, not on figuring out a complex system. We have everything you need, nothing more.
RedSeed LMS course availability report interface

Maximise training time!

Set up automated learning pathways and completion rules to guide learner growth.
Train, coach and administer from anywhere, anytime, on any device.

The LMS that changes bahaviour!

Dashboard and reporting
At a glance the dashboard gives you an overview of training engagement within your entire business. Or drill-down with the extensive reporting suite to analyse your business success to help you achieve your goals. 
Learning pathways
RedSeed allows you to tailor a learning experience for users. Forget about enrolling users in each course individually, just create a learning pathway to link them all together.
Customisable company set-up
We'll set up the LMS to match you brands look and feel. Have multiple brands? Easy! You can manage them all, as well as different countries, regions and locations which can all be customised to directly map to your org chart.
Save time and integrate with your other business tools - like your payroll, your HR system, or your reporting and business intelligence software. We've got all the bases covered with Single Sign On, scheduled CSV integrations, API endpoints and webhooks.
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Notifications ensure your team are aware of all course enrolments, coaching and inactivity alerts. 
We pride ourselves in working with our customers, being accessible, and helping you get the most out of the RedSeed ecosystem. And best of all, our support team are real... not robots!
Resource library
Upload documents and videos directly to RedSeed with the ability to categorise, favourite and share them throughout your business.
Reward your staff with a customised certificate upon completing a course or pathway.

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What are customers saying about the RedSeed LMS?

“We’ve evaluated RedSeed post implementation a couple of times and we’ve been able to show a direct correlation between RedSeed completion and increased sales in those channels.”

Anne Pollard

Head of Learning and Development

“The RedSeed system has really cool reporting functionality; getting the data from the system is fast & easy to manipulate.”

Scott Gordon

National Franchise Development Manager

“Those stores that have built training time into their weekly roster and continued to grow their staff and training culture are very transparent to see within the RedSeed system. They’re the ones that’ve become very successful.”

Scott Gordon

National Franchise Development Manager

“As well as delivering just what we needed, the team was great to work with and offered exceptional value for money.”

Major Albie Rothman

New Zealand Defence Force - Recruiting

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