Manager-led coaching for performance.

Build confidence, accelerate speed to competence and increase ROI.

Make sure your team can ‘do it’ – rather than just ‘know it’.

Coaching in-store moves knowledge into action

Build a high-performing, happy team...


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Increased sales.
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Increased confidence.
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Increased competence.
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Decreased risk and compliance cost.


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Increase NPS.
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Improved culture.
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Less sick days.
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Decrease churn.
* Impact of Manager Coaching on Learning Transfer.
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Reach potential

Helping everyone in your team reach their potential is good for them and good for you as a business.

Coaching creates trust and improves communication. People who are coached are more loyal and you are more likely to retain your top talent.

Maximise performance

People that have a coach have an increased speed to competency, are better performers and are more consistent in their work.

The top 3 benefits of being coached at work are employee engagement and satisfaction as well as customer satisfaction.

Develop a learning culture

Learning should not be an event, it should be part of your everyday. Having a coach, and being a coach embeds a growth mindset in your organisation.

Developing the skills of your leaders through them coaching their team is one of the most overlooked benefits for your organisation.

Coaching in-store moves knowledge into action

Coaching moves knowledge into action.

Coaching makes us better performers.
It also builds trust and loyalty in teams.
At RedSeed, coaching has been part of our DNA since the beginning.
The RedSeed system guides, reminds, and supports your managers to coach and support their team members to practise their new skills.

These great brands use RedSeed coaching

Ngahuia Group
Drummond Golf
KMD Brands
Calvin Klein
APG & Co
Scenic Hotel Group
Tommy Hilfiger
Oceania Dairy
Van Heusen
All the Best Pets
Torpedo 7
The North Face
Bed Bath & Beyond
Bivouac Outdoor
Number One Shoes
Reid Cycles
Sunglass Style
Tile Warehouse
Limelight Group
Big Save Furniture
True Alliance
Rodd & Gunn
Flooring Xtra
Lighting Plus
Denim Outlet
Jani King
The Pet Centre
“A great coach can increase learning transfer by more than 40%”
— Wilson Learning
In-store coaching helps people reach their potential

Coaching is what you do ‘with’ someone to help them reach their potential.

Teaching, guiding, challenging, encouraging and providing constructive feedback are all important coaching techniques that support learners to perform at their very best and reach their full potential.
Of course, the act of coaching and being coached is a skill in itself - we must learn to coach and be coached. And yes, it‘s a skill you need to learn and practise… a lot if you want to be good.
At RedSeed, we'll support you with this.
Your coaches are your managers

Your managers are your coaches.

At RedSeed we support your coaches by teaching them to coach and then encouraging them to practice and iterate their skills as they coach their team.
Manager-led coaching has so many benefits, for your team, for the coach themselves, and for your organisation.
Becoming a coach takes time. You need to learn how to coach, and then have plenty of practice to hone your skills.

Positive benefits of workplace coaching

Research shows the following most common benefits from coaching:
Increased self-confidence
Improved relationships
Improved communication skills
Improved teamwork
Improved job satisfaction
Improved time management
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read the report
We must see people in terms of their future potential, not their past performance
— Sir John Whitmore
RedSeed LMS integrated coaching dashboard

Coaching is fully integrated into the RedSeed LMS.

At RedSeed, our courses include practical activities that encourage your learners (team members) to practise and become comfortable using their newly acquired skills.
We recognise that coaching takes skill, time and energy so, to support your busy manager coaches, RedSeed provides guidance on the behaviours that they should be looking for and coaching to.
The RedSeed LMS takes care of all the learner coach set up, reminders and record keeping. We'll gently nudge the coach to remind them to schedule a time to meet, observe, chat and ultimately verify that their learner has mastered this skill.
Everyone benefits from coaching

The learner, the coach and your organisation!

Skill development, increased confidence and improved performance are all benefits that your learner will experience through coaching.
But what about your manager coaches?
At RedSeed, your manager coaches will receive the skill development and support they need to approach coaching with confidence.
Being a successful coach requires the mastery of soft skills, which are notoriously difficult to train and implement.
As an organisation, coaching builds trust, collaboration, and loyalty - all things that are tricky to quantify but collectively make a huge difference to your company’s performance and culture.
“In general, we found that adding manager coaching to a learning system increased performance outcomes, on average, by an additional 23%.”
— Wilson Learning
ROI from coaching can be far-reaching!

The return on investment from coaching can be far-reaching!

From obvious increases in revenue to subtle changes in trust, loyalty and the improvement of your employment brand.
Some of these things are easy to see on a P&L, but some are very hard to get data on.
Historically, the focus on learning outcomes rather than performance outcomes has also influenced how learning has been designed and delivered.
For example, the most popular model for evaluating learning and development (Kirkpatrick Model) has three levels devoted to measuring learning outcomes and only one level for measuring performance outcomes.

What should you measure to show success in coaching?

Look at the skill that has been coached. What are the performance changes that you would expect to see? What is the difference between a top performer and a poor performer?
Look at the performance of that business unit or group of people. A coached business unit should outperform an un-coached team.
Look at your staff turnover. Is it decreasing?
What do people say about your business? Is it a good place to work? Does it have a positive culture? Do you run an annual culture survey?
What are your customers saying about you? Do you survey your customers or use an NPS score? It should improve with coaching.
“More recently, it has been widely researched (and largely accepted) that learning and development, as usually conducted, does not create performance change at an acceptable rate. Only about 15– 20% of learning investments result in work performance change”
— Wilson Learning

What are our customers saying about coaching?

“We were looking for a platform that we could use that was relevant to our business, which is very retail oriented, but also that would work across all departments from manufacturing, distribution, admin to retail. We needed something that would benefit everybody and that would drive behaviour change.”

Kirsty James

Head of Training & Development - Commercial

“We have built a true level of engagement in the business; our next step is to continue building that coaching culture and capability within our managers to ensure that we’re adding value to complement the training. That’s where the magic happens!”

Jo McIndoe

Ngahuia Group L&D Lead

“RedSeed has helped us bring our performance management process and conversations online, this allows for consistency and transparency, as well as direct coaching opportunities for our teams.”

Rachel Moore

People & Safety Manager

“Those stores that have built training time into their weekly roster and continued to grow their staff and training culture are very transparent to see within the RedSeed system. They’re the ones that’ve become very successful.”

Scott Gordon

National Franchise Development Manager


Frequently asked questions

Who is the coach?

Your managers are your coaches. At RedSeed we support your coaches by teaching them to coach and then requiring and encouraging them to practice and iterate their skills as they coach their team.

Can coaching be completed remotely?

Covid, remote locations and different time zones are all reasons why face-to-face coaching may not be possible.
The great news is, with RedSeed coaching, your learner can upload a video to demonstrate their newly acquired skills. Their coach can then watch the video and give feedback.
The video and feedback are stored within the RedSeed system and can be reviewed at any time.

How much time does coaching take?

Practice takes about 10 minutes per course. This can change depending on the trainees experience and skill, however your goal is to help the trainee become competent first, then become confident using the skill with customers, then use it consistently!

Does coaching cost extra?

RedSeed coaching is included as part of the RedSeed LMS. It's built into our courses. Coaching is an integral part of the RedSeed ecosystem! Sadly it may not be available on other LMS’s.

The RedSeed ecosystem!

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