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Achieve the outcomes you’re looking for.

Our goal is to help you maximise engagement and performance outcomes through best-practice learning design.
Provide us with your learning material; manual, images, videos, or scraps of paper, and we'll help you bring your ideas to life.
We have all the expertise in-house, from scripting, filming and production, course build and deploy.
We can do green screen and white infinity wall video work at our onsite studio, as well as bringing our crew to your location. 
For every project, you’ll have an account manager as your key point of contact, and a Trello board to help keep things on-track.
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A typical bespoke project usually takes 4-8 weeks to complete.

Building stuff should be fun.

We love it, and you should too!

Here’s the process we use to build awesome bespoke learning...

Discovery meeting to discuss your needs.
Proposal and estimate sent to you by RedSeed.
All content sent to RedSeed for review.
Course structure and flow finalised.
Price finalised.
Contract signed, and 50% downpayment paid.
Branding, fonts, and images sent to RedSeed.
Scripting for video sent to you for review.
Scripting signed off.
Talent selected and filming booked.
Video shoot schedule finalised, including talent, location and interactions.
Filming; to-camera, interactions, and on-site.
Video editing and production.
Course build.
Course sent to you for review. (Rough cut 1)
Your feedback.
Changes made and sent for second review. (Rough cut 2)
Your feedback.
Final version sent for sign off.
Final 50% invoice paid (with any amendments).
Final 50% invoice paid (with any amendments).
Course uploaded onto RedSeed LMS and/or SCORM and xAPI file sent to you.

What are customers saying about RedSeed’s bespoke learning content?

“What I love about RedSeed is our ability to build customer-focused courses that are 100% bespoke to R.M.Williams.”

Kirsty James

Head of Training & Development - Commercial

“We tailored RedSeed towards our environment, we used our people in the videos and that gave it a sense of realism and relevance for the rest of our team. It’s had a really positive impact.”

Anne Pollard

Head of Learning and Development

“There’s a great mix of expertise in the film crew, they’ve clearly been doing this for a long time and they made it fun. My cheeks are still hurting from all the laughs.”

Kirsty James

Head of Training & Development - Commercial

“It's all well and good to ask the team to complete the training, but if you can't see any change at the end or if people aren't engaged in it, then it's a complete waste of everyone’s time.”

Kirsty James

Head of Training & Development - Commercial

RedSeed’s built bespoke learning for these great companies.

True Alliance
Ngahuia Group
Christchurch Casino
New World
Home Express
Foodstuffs South Island
Big Save Furniture
Heart Foundation
The Comfort Group
Lane Neave
Prestige Brands Australia
Kiwi Kitchens
Jani King
Limelight Group
Kitchen Studio
Number One Shoes
Four Square
Torpedo 7
Rodd & Gunn
New Zealand Defence Force - Recruiting
Raeward Fresh

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