Anya Anderson, CEO and co-founder, RedSeed

“We’re passionate about changing behaviour”

Anya Anderson, CEO

In fact, it informs everything we do.

We believe in building confidence in people so they can grow, and we think that opportunity should be given to everyone.

Human beings have unlimited potential. Your job is to unlock it in every one of your people.

We love working with companies that take training seriously.

Our story

There were four of us, a raw idea and the passion to make something great. We wanted to make it easy to train team members no matter where they were, and get top-line results.
Christchurch was hit by a devastating earthquake. Overnight we went from the city to the burbs, working out of a garage for 2 years. Yep - that's where our resilience and innovation got a tune-up!
We moved into EPIC in the innovation zone with 20 other tech companies. We thrived, grew our customer base and our team.
Opened an office in Sydney.
We always had an LMS, it was just that no-one knew. We saw a gap for something that was easy to use, with a simple and elegant interface. We did the work to support SCORM and xAPI courses, and offer our customers a stand-alone LMS.
Life was pretty good for a bit. We were positioned as retail experts and we were working with lots of cool companies.
And then there was Covid. Retailers shut their doors.
That meant a rethink.
We know we do video-based training better than anyone, we understand learning, and we have a superpower in our coaching.
We expanded our course library and realised we could help more people unlock their potential.
We have a long ‘to-do’ list. We have a lot of ideas. They all relate to changing behaviour. Funny that.

Unlocking potential - it‘s important to us!

Behaviour change

Training must produce outcomes.
We build learning that is practical and relevant.
The learner must be able to do something different at the end of the course. 

Otherwise, what’s the point?


Increase learning transfer by more than 40% by using Manager coaching.
Coaching in RedSeed is fully integrated.
Coaching activities are embedded into courses, and require a ‘show me’ step to verify that there has been learning and a change in behaviour.


Spend time on learning, not on figuring out a complex system.
The power is under the hood.
Everything you need, nothing more.


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