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What are customers saying about RedSeed?

“In a crisis, we need to rapidly onboard and train a large number of people. RedSeed helps us ensure people are supported and we can verify they have been trained and understand the basic concepts.”

Sam Johnson

CEO & Founder

“RedSeed has helped us bring our performance management process and conversations online, this allows for consistency and transparency, as well as direct coaching opportunities for our teams.”

Rachel Moore

People & Safety Manager

“Redseed integration has been the one of the easiest implementations I’ve had in our IT space. The requirement collection, set up and bug testing were all easy to do, even with us being in different cities. It ticked the time, budget and quality boxes for the project.”

Brett O'Hanlon

IT Manager

“The biggest challenge (before RedSeed) was the inconsistency of in-store training between stores depending on their location.”

Scott Gordon

National Franchise Development Manager