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What are customers saying about RedSeed?

“I was keen to use a platform that was simple yet would deliver an engaging and valued experience. The platform is streamlined and easy to administer.“

Jane Calleja

Director of Talent, Capability and Development APAC

“Having the ability to coach and spend time with employees out on the shop floor and provide constructive feedback on their interactions with their customers has been a game changer.”

Scott Gordon

National Franchise Development Manager

“RedSeed made the transition from our old LMS Litmos so easy. The project to move across training records as well as to refresh our course content was seamless.”

Patrick Sauter

Executive GM Global Retail

“We’re seeing a shift in what employees expect or value from the company they’re working for. If our people are engaged and feeling like they’re being invested in, we know we will see the added benefits like higher retention.”

Jo McIndoe

Ngahuia Group L&D Lead


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