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What are customers saying about RedSeed?

“It was a challenging Christmas, but I firmly believe that it would have been much more challenging had we not taken the team through RedSeed’s Selling Program”

Graeme Allen

Operations Manager

“We want to build leaders that have regular coaching conversations with their teams - What did you learn today? How are we going to practise that? What worked well? How can we do this differently?”

Kirsty James

Head of Training & Development - Commercial

“We need engaging, relevant content that drives behaviour change. The ability to encourage, train, and to ensure that coaching happens is crucial to success.”

Kirsty James

Head of Training & Development - Commercial

“The RedSeed LMS is simple. Whether I want to view an individual, a store, or to track our training globally, RedSeed makes this easy.”

Patrick Sauter

Executive GM Global Retail