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What are our customers saying about us?

“All these things came together with the LMS and RedSeed was the catalyst for us changing our previous training approach. It was like ‘yes please, solve all my problems!”

Kelly Hopkins

Learning & Development Manager

“RedSeed has become an integral part of 2degrees and we cannot think what life would be like without them.”

Yasmin Kachwala

Learning and Development Manager

“Having our leaders that can coach and help drive that behaviour change, in addition to the training, was something that RedSeed offered the ability to do — and it's great!”

Kirsty James

Head of Training & Development - Commercial

“Our team feels more confident on the floor. The results are speaking for themselves!”

Graeme Allen

Operations Manager

Take a read of some RedSeed customer case studies!

Kathmandu case study - Buidling a coaching culture in-store.
The RedSeed coaching feedback loop is helping us build a learning and coaching culture in-store.
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Bivouac case study - Launching RedSeed with their sales team.
Bivouac Outdoor
Bivouac launches RedSeed with their sales team.
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