Create better learning with coaching!

Simple, elegant, and seamlessly integrated with the RedSeed platform.

Get ready to ‘build’ your own courses, collaborate on content, and create a coaching culture in your organisation with embedded coaching activities.

RedSeed LMS 'my training' course dashboard

Online education with face-to-face coaching.

For over a decade, RedSeed has led the way in coached learning, a methodology we pioneered that combines online education with face-to-face coaching.
We’re excited to launch our newest offering,, a game-changing technology in coached learning that combines online learning with real-world coaching to revolutionise how knowledge is applied in the workplace.
Get ready to ‘build’ your own courses, collaborate on content, and create a coaching culture in your organisation.
RedSeed LMS Coaching and marking interface

Finally, a course authoring tool with coaching front and centre!, enables you to create courses that integrate seamlessly with practical coaching sessions.
In combination with our coaching platform, will give you the prompting, recording and transparency you need to create a coaching culture for continuous improvement and performance in your organisation.
Coaching in-store moves knowledge into action

Elevate your teams learning and development.

Key outcomes of using

Increase team engagement.
Improve knowledge retention.
Ensure your team can ‘do it’ – rather than just ‘know it’.
Create a cultural shift in your business!
Multimedia content creation

Text, videos, interactive components, quizzes are easily added to create engaging courses.


Accelerate learning with embedded coaching activities.

Coached activities can include discussion, practice, verify and long answer activities.

Mobile-friendly dashboard

Simple, user-friendly design allows coaches to interact with learners and track progress.

Integrated coaching notifications

Coaches are notified in real-time to engage with learners on specific skills.

Exclusive to RedSeed coaching platform/LMS

Currently the only platform to offer such a comprehensive and integrated coached learning experience.


What‘s next on the roadmap? - Launching initially to our RedSeed customers from Tuesday, April 23rd, before a full market launch mid 2024.
RedSeed App - Enable coaching on the go for consistent coaching interactions. (Date TBC)
Coached course library - Our content library courses will start to include discussion, practice and verify coached activities all made possible by (Date TBC)
NEW coaching programme - Launching in April 2024, this programme will help develop coaching skills in your organisation. View the programme here.
The future of coached learning - RedSeed is committed to continuous innovation, with plans to launch a standalone coaching platform in 2025. This will expand the reach of coached learning activities in courses beyond the RedSeed LMS.

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