Managing Stress and Anxiety

RedSeed have collaborated with Graeme Clarke to bring you this free course on ‘Managing Stress and Anxiety’.

Graeme Clarke

Free online course

This course will cover the importance of mental wellbeing and the impact it can have on you emotionally and physically.

Learn how to identify feelings of stress and anxiety, and look at some strategies and exercises to help when you’re faced with these feelings.

If this course can help you in some small way, then we feel we’ve made a positive impact.


8 quick tips for managing stress and anxiety


Accept anxiety is a common feeling, it’s not a weakness.

Feelings of anxiety will come and go. Some will stay longer than others, however, they will eventually pass!

Avoid infoxication.
(that’s an ‘f’, not a ‘t’)

Continuous updates from news outlets and social media can be completely overwhelming - try to limit your time on devices!

Rationalise and problem solve.

Sometimes our imagination gets away on us and we become irrational, and can’t see a way forward.

Keep familiar routines.

When faced with uncertainty, having a routine can help keep you grounded. Establish a routine and stick with it.

Be realistic.

Accept the risk is there, but aim to act with common sense — in a way you feel positive about.

Be creative.

You sometimes won’t have access your usual outlets but be creative and create new ones.

Enjoy nature, the outdoors and exercise!

Getting into nature is a well-established strategy for improving your well-being.

Focus on the positives.

Even small or simple things can make a big difference in the way we feel.


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