The RedSeed LMS

Online LMS Training Platform

Our Learning Management System is simple, easy to use and can be seamlessly integrated into your business.

Check out what makes our system the best way to train your retail team!


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Easy to use

We have made it super easy to use and for you to get the results you need from the people you lead.
RedSeed is built to be used anywhere, anytime and on any device.
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RedSeed is about changing behaviour and this is greatly improved by using our leader-led coaching system.
This ensures long term behavioural changes and is proven to get results!
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Our content or yours

Want to use RedSeed’s off-the-shelf products?
Want to upload your own xAPI SCORM courses and host them on RedSeed with all the bells and whistles?
No problem!
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Resource library

Upload documents and videos directly to RedSeed with the ability to categorise, favourite and share them throughout your business.
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Learning pathways

RedSeed allows you to tailor a learning experience for users. Forget about enrolling users to each course individually, just create a learning pathway to link them all together.
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Training dashboard

Your RedSeed Dashboard is designed to give you an overview of your entire business. From how your regions and stores are performing, right down to the sales staff within them.
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Utilise RedSeed’s extensive reporting suite to analyse your business success to help you increase sales.
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Customisable company structure

Our system allows you to set up your business, your way. A customisable structure with scope for multiple brands, countries, regions, stores, branches and departments.
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Email notifications are sent to your staff to alert them of course enrollments, pending courses, inactivity etc
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Certificates and rewards

Reward your staff with a customised certificate or gift upon completing a course.
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API integrations

Make life easier and integrate RedSeed with your other business tools – like your payroll, your HR system, or your reporting and business intelligence software.
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Dedicated support

We pride ourselves in working with our customers, being accessible, and helping you get the most out of your investment.
We’re passionate about your success.