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“Revlon is an iconic brand. We’re still alive in the marketplace today because we, as a brand, keep evolving, and we keep speaking to each new generation.” — Christina Fairhurst, Australasian Training Manager, Revlon

The challenge

Founded in 1932 and starting with just a single product, Revlon is now an international brand offering a full suite of makeup and beauty care for women. Revlon Australasia wanted a way to communicate both the latest in product releases, and the best way to sell the product; as well as upskilling their salespeople and maintaining the highest industry standards.

The solution

Revlon approached RedSeed, who recommended a ‘self-registration’ system, an approach that meant new users could self-enrol and be up-to-date with all products, while existing users could simply complete the latest product knowledge courses. RedSeed tailored Revlon’s content to be relevant for department stores and make-up counters, because each have their own unique product knowledge requirements. 

By using the RedSeed system, Revlon’s messaging around the recent brand repositioning and product knowledge was crisp and concise allowing them to reach a far wider audience more easily and more cost-effectively. 

“In the e-learning programme we have product knowledge and that’s most important. But also, we’re retailers too! We need to teach the girls how to engage with customers, how to sell, how to skin type, how to merchandise. Everything that encomapsses what you need to work on a Revlon counter. Retail evolves so we have to keep on evolving constantly - that’s important not only for product knowledge but the way we speak and engage with our customers.” — Christina Fairhurst, Australasian Training Manager, Revlon

The benefits

Revlon remains a strong brand in the market-place today because of its ability to adapt to the changing needs of their demographic, so by providing an e-learning solution which is in-line with that strength, speaks to the brand. Not only is Revlon able to target their customers in a new and innovative manner, they’re now able to upskill their frontline staff in the same forward-thinking nature.  

Speaking to the shift in technology and availability of mobile devices, Christina notes that...

“this generation of Revlon’s people live on phones and mobile devices, so the resource is already there.“

Along side this, Christina acknowledged that it is becoming increasingly uneconomical to provide training in the old-fashioned three-day training school, which was all originally done face-to-face. Providing training online means that Revlon have reduced their training overheads while reaching an audience that was once unreachable for the face-to-face workshops.


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