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We’re happy to announce two exciting new features for the RedSeed LMS this month: the RedSeed Document Library and xAPI Coaching Integration!

The Document Library

The brand new document library feature allows administrators to upload documents and make them available to the whole organisation, or even just trainees at a certain store or location.

For example, administrators could upload a document and set the location to “head office,” effectively hiding the document from users outside that location.

Documents can, of course, only be downloaded by a logged-in RedSeed user, so a link to a sensitive document could not be emailed to somebody without access to RedSeed.Check out the process in action below!

Our goal was to keep the interface as simple as possible, but still provide some pretty powerful features, including:

  • Drag-and-drop document uploading
  • Document versioning
  • Document category management, including having a document in multiple categories
  • Location-based permissions, with an optional ‘cascading’ permissions mode

We’ll be rolling out the document library in phases over the coming weeks, so if you would like us to activate it for your organisation, please contact your RedSeed CRM or email us at

xAPI Coaching Integration

xAPI courses are great. They’re easy to build, fun for trainees and full of features, but - up to now - they’ve lacked a coaching component.

And at RedSeed, we firmly believe in the power of one-on-one coaching to drive real results.In fact, studies have shown that coaching increases knowledge transfer by 41%.

That’s why we’re really excited to roll out another new feature: xAPI courses with integrated coaching.

Starting next month, RedSeed administrators will be able to upload an xAPI course and release it to certain locations or the entire organisation.

Where RedSeed differs from every other LMS out there is that we then let you add some coaching activities to the course!

It works like this:

Once the trainee finishes the course, we send the coach an email. When they log on to RedSeed, we let them know what the trainee needs to be able to do - often we even show the coach a video to really nail down what we want the trainee to take away from the course.

The coach then either confirms that the trainee has learned what they needed to, or corrects their behaviour - face to face.

So how much does coaching count towards completion of the course? Using the concept of “weighting,” RedSeed lets you decide. In this way, administrators can decide if the coaching component counts for 10% or 90% of the course - this makes reporting on these courses a breeze.Key features:

  • Upload your own xAPI course!
  • Add optional RedSeed Coaching components, with “ideal behaviour” videos for coaches
  • Decide how much a coaching component counts towards course completion
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