RedSeed has officially moved office!

RedSeed shifting offices

We've finally moved out of the EPIC Building and into our new building at, 262 Tuam Street. We're really happy with our new office so if you're in the area then please do make sure that you pop in to say, "Hello!" We'll be upstairs most of the time so unless you're here for a meeting downstairs come along the side of the building to the sign.

As mentioned in our latest newsletter, we're going to hold our second Customer Advisory Panel (CAP) here, so if you're interested in attending this event then just get in touch. Numbers are limited!

This is a new initiative from us at RedSeed to connect with our customer base, to reach out to our market and make sure we’re listening to your feedback and suggestions. It’s an opportunity for you to contribute your thoughts, insights and help guide our thinking with other like-minded leaders in the industry.

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