RedSeed product updates - June

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You called and we’ve answered! This month our team have deployed a change which is sure to save your administrators time. And, because time is money, you’ll be saving a whole lotta dough, too!

Introducing the brand-spanking-new ‘Certificates’ report.

It was bought to our attention that many of our clients have large numbers of trainees completing courses at the same time, which makes printing individual certificates a bit laborious (especially when the numbers are in the hundreds!).

We saw a problem, and we decided to fix it!

The ‘Certificates’ report pulls all the certificates you have into a single report. You select a date range and course (or courses) to refine your search. Once you’ve got your list, you can download certificates individually, or - and possibly the coolest feature - you can select all certificates and download a large batch for printing, saving you hours of clicking!

Check it out below:

You'll find the 'Certificates' report in the Admin menu.

Once you're there, take some time to read the information bubble for some helpful tips on how to run the report.

Once you've set your filters your report will generate a list of trainees who've completed courses and have certificates available.

You can click on each individual PDF icon... or you could select the ones you want and download the lot!

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