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Juggling the busiest time of the year with your responsibilities as a manager and coach can be a real challenge, and it is easy for things to start to slip.

Ensuring you make time to coach and develop your team at this busy time is absolutely vital to ensuring that every customer is getting amazing service and that you are maximising each and every sale. 

So how do you ensure you keep on top of it all, along with the increased number of staff and extra operational tasks we often have at this time?

Here are our top 3 tips to keep your team engaged, on track and executing your sales process perfectly over this critical peak trading time.

Morning Huddles

You will probably already be doing something along these lines every morning with your team – discussing the day before, the sales targets for the day, any daily tasks and operational duties. As the days start to get busier, your team grows, and so do the targets…you need to spice it up! Utilise this time every morning to regroup as a team and run a mini-training session. 

Pick a critical step of the sale and have your team members role-play with one another, practising using the sales techniques and skills of the sales process. This allows you to walk around the group, watching and providing feedback. Make this fun! Pump the music, hand out prizes for the best role plays! You want to make this session engaging, interesting and set the performance expectations for the day.

Just in Time Feedback

You might not get the opportunity to pull each of your team members into an hours one-on-one coaching session every week during peak trade, but this doesn’t mean you throw out the coaching all together! Find the opportunities to provide feedback and coaching throughout the day and provide ‘just in time’ feedback. This means that you are providing direct and meaningful feedback about your team members performance, directly after their interaction with a customer. 

This approach allows you to provide targeted coaching, often, and correct behaviours and techniques in the moment to maximise your team members’ performance. Don’t store up your observations for a formal coaching session – seize the moment! Your team members will thank you for it.

Buddy Up

As your store starts to get busier and busier, you may find that there just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day to get everything done! It could also mean that you simply might not be able to get around all your team members to provide the feedback and coaching they require. So what’s the solution? Your team! You will have members of your team that are superstar sales professionals or just more experienced with your products and their benefits. 

Buddy the more experienced members of your team up with the newest members, and encourage peer-to-peer coaching. This is a super powerful way to transfer the knowledge of your best team members to the new guys and free some of your time up throughout the day.

In Summary

Remember, although it is easy to let your usual daily routine and coaching activities slip to the side when it starts getting busy over this peak trade time, you are the single most impactful tool in increasing your team’s performance! By ensuring you maintain a great coaching routine, you could increase the performance of your team by as much as 42%! So don’t let your coaching go by the wayside! 

Change it up, run your morning training sessions, get on the floor and coach ‘just in time’ and utilise the talent you have in the team – You’ll thank us for it later.