3 Things to be thinking about for the most profitable Christmas yet!

Christmas tree

In a month or two it’ll be crunch time. By crunch time, I'm talking about the beginning of planning for Christmas 2018.

I know, I know. I’m shocked that I even mentioned the C word. I’m not sure I’m ready for Michael Buble on repeat just yet. But let’s be real, we’re over halfway through the year and Christmas is coming up fast. Is it on your radar yet?

It doesn’t matter what role you’re in, Christmas is the most (wonderful*) important time of the year for all retail businesses sales.In 2017, New Zealand had a record-breaking year, spending over $6 billion over the Christmas period. That is 171 transactions per second. Australia was even larger at $26 billion. You want a slice of the tasty Christmas cash cake, right? Then RedSeed will make sure you’re prepared.

Here are our three things you should be considering at this time of year to ensure you have your most profitable Christmas ever!


You should have a good debrief with your immediate team of how things went last Christmas.

Something that can be incredibly beneficial is getting your entire team together (perhaps loop it in with the monthly meeting) and discuss the previous Christmas, noting down everyone's feedback however big or small.

This is also beneficial to do during the Christmas period as this will allow you to get instant feedback from your team and make improvements where necessary.


In the next couple of weeks, I will go more in depth in regard to this tip but I want to get this on your radar early.

It is essential that you take your time and start the hiring process mid-late October/early November to ensure you find Christmas casual staff who are the right fit and not just “fillers” for your business. All the good people are snapped up by companies early!

This will also give you the chance to ensure your casual holiday staff are sufficiently trained before hitting the sales floor!


It’s easier to get your current customer's gift hunting with you than to hook new customers, right? Start marketing to them across social media and email early and give your subscribers exclusive deals/promotions in the lead up to the Christmas madness.

It will remind them that they are valued and part of your companies exclusive loyalty group. It’ll also help keep your brand top of mind (and top of their inbox) at an incredibly cluttered time with commercial messaging.

These three tips are just some starters so that you can begin to plan for Christmas 2018 and make it your most stress-free and profitable yet! Stay tuned for a more in-depth Christmas prep article in the next few months on Christmas staffing!

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