Are performance outcomes important in your learning design?

Bloom's taxonomy support learning outcomes

Hmmm... good question and something you should have the answer to before you jump into creating content.

At RedSeed, we use Bloom’s taxonomy to support the development of strong performance outcomes. Let’s focus on the first three tiers.

  1. Do you simply want learners to remember something? This is the most basic stage - you’re sharing information with your team, and you hope they remember it.
  2. Maybe you want them to understand? This is where you want to test your learners’ comprehension - in other words, do they understand what they remember?
  3. Or do they need to apply? Do you want your learners to take this understanding and apply it to their role? We hope your answer is yes, as this is where true behavioural change takes place.

So, how can you apply this to online learning?


This one is easy! Along with the information in your course, just add some true/false, multi choice or drag and drop quizzes to test their memory. Voila!

Understand and apply

These are tricky to assess in the world of online learning, but here at RedSeed, we believe we’ve nailed it! As well as delivering quality content through video, animations, activities and graphics we also use our fully integrated coaching tool, RedSeed Coach. 

RedSeed Coach

Move knowledge into action

RedSeed Coach allows short and long answer questions to be asked to determine understanding. But more importantly, it links learners with a ‘real’ person, (usually their manager), who supports them to develop and master new skills through on-the-job learning, as well as just-in-time learning.

Teaching, guiding, challenging, encouraging and providing constructive feedback are all important coaching techniques that support learners to perform at their very best and reach their full potential.

Of course, the act of coaching and being coached is a skill in itself - you must learn to coach and be coached. And yes, it takes time and practice… a lot if you want to be good.

At RedSeed, we’ll support you with this.

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