Developers Corner: January

Tailor your training to match your company’s look and feel.

Tailored Wallpapers

As you well know, one of the keys to getting buy-in from your trainees lies in your ability to tailor your training to match your company’s look and feel.

How does this benefit you?

Trainees show greater engagement in a training programme which has been tailored to their needs. The quickest and simplest way to do this is to present them with an interface that is familiar to them. This cuts out all of the initial hesitation that comes with trying to get your trainees to adopt something that looks and feels foreign to them.

How can you improve your trainees experience?

Well, a picture speaks a thousand words. So, we thought we’d let these images do all the talking for us.

You can also get creative with these. Think about seasonal promotions, events or product launches! Can’t settle on a wallpaper? Send us a few options and we can set them to cycle through each time your users log in.

For continuity, this theme is carried throughout your trainee’s experience and we've updated training and admin screens with a theme that matches your brand - it’s all about consistency, after all.

Secure HTTP

Not sure what this means?

Here’s what you need to know:

  • HTTPS encrypts any data your trainees send to RedSeed (i.e. user details, answers to questions etc) - this means they can’t be interpreted by a 3rd party
  • HTTPS is shown at the beginning of your tailored URL, in green with a padlock (check out the example below)

Did you know?

We give all of our clients their own, tailored training URL which should be used to access training every time a user logs in!If you’re not sure what your unique URL is, think about who it is that you work for, your URL will most commonly be Some clients will have a few unique URL’s depending on their structure for example, Briscoe Group also owns Briscoes and Rebel Sport or Warehouse Group who own The Warehouse and Warehouse Stationery.

If you’re not sure what yours will be, flick us an email.

Or check out our updates for February for a new report.

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