How training builds better business - part 1

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Here at RedSeed, we believe that an organisation thrives when its people are cared for and their individual ability is nurtured; because when individuals are helped to grow, the collective success of an organisation grows with it. When I first joined the RedSeed team one of the appeals for me was the culture of continual growth, both as an individual and as a team.

They embraced the fact that I was part-way through my MBA journey and were excited by the prospect of helping me complete it. Now, having come out the other end of the programme, and having seen my fellow students do the same, I recognise the discreet but powerful impact that a culture of learning and training has within an organisation. In this 5 part series of blogs, I will go through and explain the five different broadly applied benefits to any business, no matter what the size or industry that training offers.

Enchantment with the product

Successful learning challenges a learner to focus on inquiry, rather than regurgitation, which helps to reshape and build on their own explicit knowledge of a product, service, or skill; resulting in a deeper connection with the subject matter. When I first began to examine RedSeed’s training methodologies (the topic for the MBA project) my aim was to be impartial, yet I still had an understanding of what the methodology was how it could create change.

Now having completed the review, my understanding of the methodologies is deeper and I believe, rather than just take for granted, that what we do works. Put another way, I’ve become a product ambassador by becoming enchanted with our product. Putting this into broader practice, when designing training set yourself the challenge of creating content that builds on existing knowledge and enchants your learners to form more meaningful connections to the service or product that they’re selling. Customers are inspired to believe in a product more when the sales pitch comes from a place of authenticity and enchantment with what they’re selling.

Part 2 of this 5 part series is out!

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