HR + L&D Innovation & Tech Fest Sydney 2022

This was RedSeed’s first foray into the HR + L&D Innovation & Tech Fest in Sydney - wow! What an amazing range of businesses, from well-established brands in the HR and L&D market to new start-ups looking to make a name for themselves. And us, of course!
The HR + L&D Tech Fest - Sydney 2022

What a great two and a bit days!

And what a crowd!

And man, my feet hurt!

So, how did RedSeed stack up?

Whilst RedSeed has been around for quite some time (around 13 years, to be exact), we’re still relatively unknown to many of the Australian delegates who passed by our stand. So, great opportunities for us in the Australian market.

What was pretty cool is many of the big players in the L&D space certainly knew of us; which means we’re out there and we’re making a name for ourselves.

And while we’re certainly not the biggest or the fanciest L&D tech business in the market, what resonated with me is that what we do have are amazing products that matter and absolutely make a difference.

  • A rapidly growing content library that is relevant to today’s learners, is all written by the same team, with the same look and feel, utilising the knowledge of SMEs.
  • A creative team of instructional designers who develop leading-edge bespoke content that brings together client needs with best-practice learning and design principles.
  • An interactive coaching function within our courses that enables businesses to move from theory-based learning to application-based learning. In other words, people can do what they’ve learned!
  • And a world-class LMS. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that other larger LMS players profess to have, but after 20 years working in L&D land, I can assure you it has everything you need, and it’s easy to use! Win-win!

What were the trends?

Coaching, coaching, coaching and even more coaching!

Interesting and reassuring all at the same time.

Interesting, because it wasn’t that long ago that I was being told, “My managers don’t have time to coach their team”, yet now the overwhelming opinion is, “I can’t afford NOT to coach my team!”

Brilliant/finally - a message that makes my heart sing. Quality coaching = happier, more engaged and motivated team members who are far more likely to hang around. It’s a no-brainer!

And, reassuring because, at RedSeed, we do this really, really well - in fact, we’re just a wee bit (or a lot) obsessed with coaching because we know it makes a difference.

Coaching and our competitors

While lots of our competitors were also offering ‘coaching’ in their suite of tools, I was surprised at how much these varied in their application.

There was AI coaching - where a learner wrote a long answer and a ‘robot’ provided feedback. Not at all personal and only somewhat specific depending on the keywords that were used in the answer.

Then there was person-to-person coaching - but not necessarily a person who knew the learner or the job they did. So, whilst this type of coaching is definitely useful for personal growth and development, it’s probably not that valuable for supporting and teaching skills within the workplace.

And no doubt there were many other variations of the above along with some very clunky interactions.

So, how is RedSeed different?

I love that RedSeed supports businesses in developing a coaching culture. I could write LOTS on how we do this, but how about you check out this snippet of a presentation at the Tech Fest by a committed RedSeed customer (and fan), Kelly Hopkins. Kelly and his team at one of Australasia's largest outdoor adventure retailers have been using the RedSeed LMS, Content and Coaching tool for several years now.

Kelly’s story tells it all... and by the way... we didn’t pay him in any way, shape or form to say this. 🙂

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Karen Gowans
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