Lowering the engagement barrier with single sign-on

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According to a recent survey by NordPass, the average person has 100 passwords, so at least that many accounts!

We can see the effects of this at RedSeed: our “Password Reset” page - designed to help people who have forgotten their password - gets thousands of visitors every month. That’s one of the reasons we’re excited to introduce token authentication, which is itself part of our larger Single Sign-On (SSO) project that will make it easier than ever for trainees to access RedSeed.

Token authentication is a simple, secure way for organisations to let their employees log into RedSeed without entering their username and password.

For example, somebody might use a password to log onto their organisation’s intranet, where they see an update about a new course on RedSeed. They’ve already proven their identity by logging onto the intranet - we feel they shouldn’t have to jump through yet another “username-and-password” hoop to access their training. Thanks to token authentication we can provide the user with a link to RedSeed from the organisation's intranet without the need to provide their username and password.

Over the past ten years of developing the RedSeed system, we’ve learnt that one of the keys to successful online training is engagement - and one of the best ways to improve engagement is to remove as many obstacles between trainees and learning as possible. Token authentication, we feel, is a great way to lower the amount of effort it takes for a trainee to access RedSeeds training materials.

We also know that a learning management solution like RedSeed is just one part of the complicated human-resource management ecosystem so anything we can do to make it easier for those systems to work together is automatically a high priority for us. We know that various tools make life harder for our clients so by using secure tokens to authenticate users is just one of the ways that we’re actively integrating RedSeed with our client’s other systems.

If you’d like to find out more about token authentication and how it can be implemented in your organisation, then make sure you get in touch!

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