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RedSeed LMS location dashboard for retail sales training

In the coming week, we’re excited to share with you that we will be releasing our ‘new look’ Marking and Coaching interface.

At RedSeed, we understand that the coach's role is fundamental to the success of sustainable training. A large portion of a coach's role, is interpreting and marking the written responses from their team and ensuring these skills are transferred onto your shop floor with the use of practical activities... So, we have done a lot of work under the RedSeed bonnet to ensure that the Marking and Coaching tool is; intuitive, fast, easy to use and of course, looks great.


Giving feedback to your trainees is vital which is why we have made it even easier for you to provide it. The feedback you give as a coach is sent directly to the trainees Dashboard for them to view when they next log in and they are also notified by email.

Along with providing written feedback, we have introduced a 5-Star rating system which allows you to rate your trainees performance during their practical activities.

Practical Activities

We have made marking practical activities even easier, one of the new changes means that you can now mark your trainees on the shop floor via a mobile or tablet device as they demonstrate the techniques they have learned, with you and your customers.

Best Practise Videos

In the future, we will be introducing model behaviour videos for marking practical activities. These ‘best practice’ videos are designed to refresh your memory, and provide guidance on the types of techniques your trainees should be demonstrating on the shop floor, which will help you provide relevant feedback.

As with everything we do here at RedSeed, we try and make your day-to-day lives easier by keeping our system relevant and easy to use. You can expect to see these changes in the RedSeed system during next week. Stay tuned!

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