New RedSeed interface release

RedSeed interface updates

You asked for changes and we’ve listened to you.

Over the past few months, our Development Team has been working furiously in the background to deliver a fresh and exciting new RedSeed interface. But it’s not only about the changes in the look and feel. They’ve also added some features that will make your life as an Administrator and/or Manager a lot easier.

Curious about what’s new?

Let’s find out what you’ll see next time you log in to RedSeed.

New Dashboard

This is the most noticeable change that you’ll see when you first log in. It’s a lot cleaner and more user-friendly. The Search bar has now been moved up to the menu bar for better visibility and the Filters button allows you to select the courses and status displayed in the Dashboard. You’ll also notice the new Report buttons have replaced the old links.

Customise your profile

The old user icon next to your username is gone! But not only that, you upload a picture and customise your profile. What profile picture are you going to choose?

Enrolments page

We’ve introduced some new functionality to Edit Enrolments which, as an Administrator or Manager, is going to make your life so much easier. You’ll notice that in order to display all the courses in a Pathway, you now have to click the “Show pathway courses” button (which comes in handy if you have multiple pathways).

But that’s not all. What if you could alter the completion order of the courses within a specific Pathway? Up until now, all courses had to be completed in the pre-established order within that pathway. With this new feature, you can force the enrolment of a specific course in a pathway for it to be completed earlier within that pathway.

That gives you more flexibility and the ability to push a specific course if you’ve identified it would benefit the trainee and help them in their development. In the example below, you could enrol the user to the second course if you deemed it appropriate just by enabling its toggle.


When you click on the Reports tab, it displays a drop-down with all the different report types. Simply click on the report type you need and choose the report you want to run. Smarter and faster!

In Summary

Next time you log in, have a look around and take the time to personalise your profile. Upload a new picture, let your personality shine through! As a Manager and Administrator, you’ll find that you’ve got more control around the learning pathways, which in turn will help you grow your team faster.

If you have any trouble, remember to check our Support Page first. Otherwise, our Support Team always has your back.

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