Recruit for attitude & sales, not just passion

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What do you look for when you’re recruiting? Sales experience? Attitude? Or staff that are passionate about your product? What if we told you that you could have them all..?

When it comes to recruiting in retail, we know it can be a struggle to hire the “right” people that you want to stick around… But what determines the “right” people? Is it their passion for your product? Is it sales superstars that have lots of experience? Or is it staff who are simply available during the busy times of the year?

In an ideal world, it would be a mix of all of the above – a passionate salesperson that understands your product and customers. However, we understand that sometimes, these people are hard to find! So, what should you be looking for when hiring?

Well, this is where we recommend to recruit for attitude and sales, not just passion. You’ve all been there, impressed by a candidate who lives and breathes your products… Only to find that they lack the ability to get the sale over the line. When hiring someone that is passionate about using your products but isn’t passionate about selling them means you can run the risk of a low ROI, high levels of negative customer feedback and engagement, staff members who aren’t willing to learn new skills or develop their product knowledge, and not hitting your store’s sales targets!

Recently we sat down and spoke to Kelly Hopkins, Group Learning & Development Manager across New Zealand and Australia, for Kathmandu. Having recently worked with RedSeed to develop “Recruiting for Success” we thought it was a great opportunity to ask him a few questions around why recruiting right is so important to Kathmandu and to gain an insight into his experience with the project.

To learn more about how RedSeed can help you nail your recruitment process and teach your team how to hire the right person for the job, every time, click here!

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