RedSeed developer update: course resits

RedSeed LMS course availability report dashboard

We get that training isn’t necessarily a one-time occurrence. It’s a series of learnings that should be reinforced over time - including re-doing completed courses to refresh a person’s understanding of the core concepts conveyed in course. It is also common practice within a business to complete a compliance course yearly as per the employee's terms of employment, for instance the Sales of Liquor Act course.

We’re happy to announce that we have made this process even easier with the new ‘Course Resits’ feature that will allow courses with this feature enabled to be redone by a trainee at any stage.

If a course has the ‘Course Resits’ feature enabled then on a trainee’s course enrollment screen (under “Completed Courses”) you'll notice a “Resit course” button next to it. As a Manager, to enrol a particular trainee in a course again, click on the “Resit course” button and they’ll be enrolled in the course again, while still retaining their previous training records.

You can even re-enroll an entire department or store within your business in a specific course by using the “Bulk Resit” located next to the course under the Courses panel on your Dashboard.

After clicking on the “Bulk Resit” button for a specific location/store, you will be redirected to a screen displaying all the trainees at that location/store. You can deselect any trainees you do not wish to resit the course.

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