RedSeed developer update: Liquorland Power BI integration

Exciting third-party integration build with Liquorland

This week we share a story of our recent exciting third-party integration build with Liquorland!

Liquorland Finance & IT Manager Brett O’Hanlon came to us two months ago after reading our blog post on RedSeed’s API integration capabilities. Brett wanted to learn more about our custom integration capabilities. In particular, integration with their Microsoft-based business analytics solution, Power BI.

"We needed to be able to measure how many people were fully trained across the company at any time, as it was one of their KPI requirements. Each reporting system had to speak to each other to make this reporting easier and more efficient." - RedSeed Development Manager, Morne Wium.

How did Brett typically use the system?

Typically, he'd pull reports from the RedSeed system (exported as CSV) then manipulate them in Microsoft Excel before importing them into Power BI. This would take an hour or so each time. Automating this import would save days of work over a year.

How did the project start?

After a chat and quotation from RedSeed Client Success Manager, Jess Miller, Brett gave us the green light. We then kickstarted the project with the RedSeed developers coding.

The technical stuff

One of the requirements of the project was for us to merge fields from two of the RedSeed reports so Microsoft Power BI could automatically import the data whenever it wanted to.For those who are interested in the technical stuff:

  • The reports with the new integration were exported as JSON
  • The RedSeed team made sure to use Oauth2.0 protocol for authentication, ensuring a high level of security.

Soon after, our developers had built a seamless integration between the RedSeed training system and Power BI.

“RedSeed integration has been the one of the easiest implementations I’ve had in our IT space. The requirement collection, set up and bug testing were all easy to do, even with us being in different cities. It ticked the time, budget and quality boxes for the project.” - Liquorland Finance & IT Manager, Brett O'Hanlon.

So, what’s next?

If you'd like to learn how we could build a third-party integration for you and your company, just reach out! We love making our customer's life's simpler. Another exciting integration we currently have in production is with HRIS systems.

This will mean that the user creation process will be streamlined. This means that as soon as a new employee is added to payroll, your system speaks with ours and automatically enrolls them in the appropriate RedSeed learning pathway based on their role, location or the combination of the two.

If you're interested in this type of integration, drop us a line!

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