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Product updates this month

We usually wait until the end of the month to share our latest releases and product updates, but this particular release has been a hotly requested feature over the past couple of years, and we’re really excited to launch this to our users!

In a final exam, traditionally we’ve only exposed whether or not it has been passed and what the final mark was. We made a decision early on not to expose which answer was incorrect.

We did this for the simple reason that final exam questions are pulled at-random from a large pool of questions; so even even if a trainee knew which answer they got wrong, there’s no guarantee they’ll be asked the same question in their next attempts (if they haven't passed).

We’ve done a bit of thinking, and decided that it seems a bit silly not to expose this to managers who can let their trainees know which answers they got incorrect, at their own discretion.

Even if the trainee doesn’t get the question again in their next attempt, it’s still a great opportunity for their manager to direct them to a module to refresh their knowledge.It’s all about the learning!

So now, without further ado; The ‘Exam Result’.

You’ll now find a new column in the Exam Attempts report called ‘View’ which has a clickable document icon. Clicking on this will open up a new screen that shows you the details of a trainees exam attempt.

The great thing about this report is that it gives you greater granularity when it comes to managing your users.

Not only can you see whether-or-not they've passed an exam, but now you've got the power to see what questions they're getting wrong, which is a great tool for trainees who have multiple failed attempts in an exam.

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