RedSeed product updates - December

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New email templates

This month, our communications and development team have been working closely to release brand new system generated emails, which are a lot easier to digest (and look a lot nicer too!).

We've launched an update to the suite of emails which also allows us to customise each email to the user, or client. This means users will see things like:

  • The name of the course they've been enrolled in
  • The number of days they've been inactive
  • Easy links to support documentation

The new emails can also be customised to each client, adding even more value to our tailoring options! Contact your RedSeed administrator if this is something you'd like (and if you are the RedSeed administrator for your business, get in touch with your CRM!).

Below is just a couple of examples of the new emails.

Course enrolment notification

The newest email that we've released is the new 'Course Enrolment Email'. This means that you can now send an email notification to your trainee whenever you enrol them in a new course!

The cool thing about this is that you can choose to send them an alert, or not. For example: You might work in a small team, and actually telling your trainee might be most effective. Or, you might manage a large team and an email notification is absolutely necessary. The goal, either way, is to get your trainees into their new courses as soon as possible!

Another handy thing about this email is that you can enrol your trainees in multiple courses at once, and they'll only receive one email with a compiled list of the courses you've just added them to.

Now, you'll see a "Send Email Notification?" option in the user editor screen.

Simply tick this box if you wish to send an alert to your trainee, or un-check if you plan to tell them yourself.

Just remember, no matter how many courses you enrol them in, in one update, they'll only get one email.

For a full list of features check out our LMS webpage.

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