Surprise RedSeed product updates

RedSeed LMS training dashboard

We're making changes to the trainee dashboard in RedSeed, and we want you to know all about it!

Our design and development team have been itching to get this live, and we didn't want to make them wait any longer, so we thought; "Why not give our users a surprise update to brighten up their Tuesday?"

What's new?

Now, don't panic! The basic functionality of the trainee dashboard stays the same, we've just added a few magical touches to make RedSeed even more user-friendly!

Better course grouping

One of the first things that you'll notice is that we've separated courses into two categories: 'Current Courses' and 'Completed Courses'. This means your trainees can easily see which courses they still need to complete, and also easily find courses they've completed but might want to review.

(Better) Filtering options

This one is great, because it puts the power of course ordering in the trainees hands!'

Better' is in brackets because, until now, trainee's haven't actually been able to control the order in which they see their courses - so if you're a trainee reading this, just imagine the title is 'Filtering Options'.

Key account users will still be able to use the new feature of setting the default course order, so users get the best of both worlds!

Responsive design

Our training has always been available across different devices. But now the training dashboard will fit snugly on any device your team want to use.

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