The link between engagement and customer experience

Max Fashions New Zealand retail store

The link between training engagement and the customer experience

High training engagement is something that all retailer's strive for, if for no other reason than to meet their own KPI’s around training completion. But why is it important to have a workforce who are engaged in their sales training? What are the demonstrable benefits?

I mean, there has to be a reason why training completion is such an important Key Performance Indicator in many high performing businesses, right?

It’s widely accepted that, internally, highly engaged trainees have greater job satisfaction. So it stands to reason that trainees who feel that their training has been inadequate are more likely to leave their jobs within the first twelve months. According to Go2HR the number of staff who resign, citing a lack of skills training and development as the principal reason for leaving, can be as high as 40 per cent.

Consider the cost to your business when it comes to recruiting a new team member. Figures vary depending on the role being filled, but on average companies spend $2,500.00 on recruitment, per new frontline employee. Compare this to the cost of training a team member, and training is often the lesser of the two expenses.

Other internal benefits are numerous;

  • Business is run better with staff who are equipped to deal with customers.
  • Training is a recruitment tool for millennials who are after more than just a pay cheque.
  • Career progression is a reason for employees to stay with a business, this is directly linked to training and ongoing development.

We all know that training is good for the culture of your business internally. But, let’s think about how training can impact external factors to the business; your customers.

Training Energy and the Customer Experience

Learn how Max Fashions Improved their Customer Experience through Training Engagement

Customers are the single biggest influencer to your bottom-line, and if they aren’t buying, then your business is probably in trouble.

Paper Plus CEO, Sam Shosanya summed up the mission of retailer's quite perfectly at the recent International Retail Forum. The challenge for retailers is to get their share of shopping visits by customers. Now, there are many ways this can be measured, but we’re going to focus on just one. As much as frontline staff hate it, Mystery Shopping give retailers a great snapshot of the customer experience across their business at any given time.

Max Fashions, a women’s clothing retailer in New Zealand, tracked their own mystery shopping results before and after implementing RedSeed and saw a 10% increase in the level of customer service across the business. They were able to attribute this directly to their RedSeed sales training using their Energy Score, which indicated training engagement within RedSeed.


A lift in Energy of as little as 3% saw a jump of as much as 8% in Mystery Shopper results. So it goes back to the initial point, the external benefit of high engagement is happier customers. Inextricably linked to this is an increase in sales. When we spoke to National Retail Manager, Karma Wetere, she also highlighted that their items per-sale increased by as much as 80% in some stores.

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