What makes RedSeed's LMS world-class?

RedSeed My Training LMS dashboard

It doesn't matter what industry you are in, there is always going to be an element of learning and development. At RedSeed we facilitate learning and work with you to change behaviour via our off the shelf training or by customised bespoke training.

But what happens when you have your own training material built in-house and you’ve got to get all of your staff learning in (preferably) one, easy to manage location? That’s where an LMS comes in. LMS stands for “Learning Management System”, a term going around the eLearning sector at the moment and surprisingly a lot of people don't know what an LMS’s primary function is and how it can benefit them!

An LMS allows its users to upload training content, hosting it in an easily accessible form for all trainees. Think of an LMS as a vast repository where you can store and track your training material. Anyone with a login and password can access this online training material whenever and wherever. RedSeed’s LMS doesn't just offer you a place to store your online training for your trainees to access, which we talk about below...

Easy to Use - RedSeed is built to be used anywhere, anytime and on any device. We have made it super easy to use.

Coaching & Behaviour Change - RedSeed is about changing behaviour and this is greatly improved by using our leader-led coaching system. This ensures long-term behavioural changes and it gets results!

Versioning - Upload new versions of courses at any time!

Learning Pathway - RedSeed allows you to tailor a learning experience for users. Forget about enrolling users to each course individually, just create a learning pathway to link them all together.

Dashboard - Your RedSeed Dashboard is designed to give you an overview of your entire business. See how your stores are performing, right down to the sales staff within them.

Reporting - Utilise RedSeed’s extensive reporting suite to analyse your business success to help you increase sales and manage your team.

Email Notifications - Email notifications are sent to your staff to alert them of course enrollments, pending courses etc. Send out a newsletter to your staff as regularly as you’d like to inform them of product updates, upcoming courses etc.

Locations - Our system allows you to set up your business, your way. A custom structure listing branches, cities, regions or stores.

Certificates and Rewards - Reward your staff with a customised certificate or gift upon completing a course.

Support - We pride ourselves in working with our customers, being accessible, and helping you get the most out of your investment. We're passionate about our customer's success.

So if your business has a flourishing L&D department pumping out great learning content then RedSeed’s LMS provides you with all the support and features you need to host and provide your trainees with a great learning experience.

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