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Workbook feedback list

Later this week you’ll notice another exciting change to the training dashboard on our LMS!

What is it?

When your coaches give your trainees feedback on their workbook questions we’ll show them the feedback as soon as they log in to their dashboard with the option to view the feedback in the actual training (where they answered the question in the course).

Why did we do it?

This is a great tool for driving your trainees back into their training and increasing the level of engagement you have across your business.

Quite often we find coaches giving great constructive feedback, and even better positive encouragement, and this new tool brings this to the fore and makes sure that the valuable feedback from coaches and managers doesn’t get lost or missed.

RedSeed welcome and notifications box

Also, a great way to find out if there’s anything new in RedSeed is by keeping an eye on the blue box at the top of your dashboard. We’ll post any important notifications here (like upcoming scheduled maintenance or any new releases that have gone live).

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