How to Coach the Analytical Personality Type

How to Coach the Analytical Personality Type
May 13, 2015 Anya Anderson

What is an Analytical Personality Type?

The Analytical personality is polite but reserved, logical, fact- and task-oriented. This person’s focus is on precision and perfection.

There are a number of Analytical personality pros and cons in a working environment. Their  strengths include persistence, diligence, caution, and having a systematic approach to tasks.

Analytical personality weaknesses include being perceived as withdrawn, boring, quiet, reclusive, and even sullen at times. More than anything else, the analytical personality vs any of the other three types (Driver, Analytical, Relator or Expressive)

If they seem indecisive, it’s because the analytical personality style is one where there’s a need to assess all data before reaching a conclusion or deciding a way forward.

Perfectionism can be a fault if the Analytical pushes it too far. This person is definitely not a risk-taker in-fact, another word for an analytical personality would be logical. Their decision-making process is influenced heavily by facts, figures and logic.

Take the Expressive, Drive, Amiable, Analytical personality test to see which type you or your team aligns most closely with.

Answer a few short questions in our analytical personality quiz to see how your personality stacks up, or share the analytical personality test with your team so you can get a deeper understanding of what makes them tick!

How to Deal With Analytical Personality Types at Work

The Analytical personality needs to be right, and won’t openly discuss ideas until they’re confident in their decision, which often means meeting deadlines can take a bit of negotiation.

His or her pleasure is accuracy. Pain is to be wrong and criticised.

Selling to analytical personality types in a coaching environment is fairly straight-forward for clear thinkers, but here’s a few tips to help you coach the analytical personality types on your team:

Be systematic, thorough, deliberate, and precise

Deliberate, thorough, precise. This is how your analytical team members operate, and this is where they place value in a manager. Make sure you’re well prepared before your coaching session with these people – they’ll thank you for it.

Focus on the task

The Analytical personality is all about the details. They’re very task-oriented so in a coaching interaction, focus on the task at hand to keep the session as black-and-white as possible.

Be prepared to answer many “how” questions

Understanding “how” to perform a task is all about being thorough, deliberate, and precise. If you’re asking them to do something like change a behaviour, they will want to know exactly which steps need to be taken to achieve this.

Don’t get too personal

Similar to the Driver, the Analytical personality doesn’t hold much stock in the ‘niceties’. Keep it cordial, but stick to the facts and the task at hand if you want to keep them engaged in your coaching session.

Don’t rush unnecessarily

Sometimes, being systematic, deliberate and precise takes time. The great thing is that this often means tasks are completed to a very high standard, but the does mean that it can take a little longer to get things done. It’s a bit of a trade-off between speed and quality, so if you can avoid rushing…do.

In Summary:

  • When coaching or communicating with a Driver personality:
  • Be systematic, thorough, deliberate, and precise
  • Focus on the task
  • Be prepared to answer many “how” questions
  • Provide analysis and facts
  • Don’t get too personal
  • Recognise and acknowledge the need to be accurate and logical
  • Don’t rush unnecessarily
  • Expect to repeat yourself
  • Compliment the precision and accuracy of the completed work