6 things you can do to increase sales at Christmas, that won’t cost you anything!

Christmas retail bells

Christmas is a crazy time of year and nowhere is more crazy than retail. To survive the silly season, it’s important to have a strategy and to re-focus on the things that will make a difference for you, and your team. We've pulled out 6 of our best tips from our retail sales training. The great thing about these tips is that they’re not going to cost you anything to implement.

  • Smiling: Research shows that smiling makes you feel good and it makes the people around you feel good too. People cope with the pressures of parking, queues and busyness much better if they’re dealing with retailers that smile, because they’ll receive the psychological benefits.
  • Being on time: There’s something to be said for feeling organised and on top of things when you start your day. It helps to make you feel like you’re in control and lowers your stress levels so that you’re better able to deal with the extra volume of customers coming through the door.
  • Going the Extra Mile: Customers always love it when you go the extra mile, especially at Christmas time. Finding a product at another store, helping a customer get purchases to the car, and knowing where to find the hot gift of the year all make a difference and make you, and your store, stand out!
  • Energy Levels: Good energy levels equals a good vibe. It’s as simple as that. Make sure your team are kept well fed and watered over this crazy time of the year. They’ll need it to keep up their energy. They’ll need a rest, both from being on their feet and from the constant contact with people. Here's a Top Tip: Shout your team some snacks on a busy day, this will keep their energy levels up
  • Attitude: A great attitude from your whole team will help you get through all the tricky situations that Christmas brings, from running out of key lines, eftpos systems going down, sick team members and the rest! Operating above the line is always a choice and it’s something that you have to reinforce with your team daily.
  • Passion:  A passionate sales person often trumps a knowledgeable and skilled sales person. We’re drawn to passionate people because they put 100% into what they love. Passion can’t be faked, it’s genuine and authentic, so encourage your team to be enthusiastic with customers, to enjoy the season and to have fun!

If you want to make the most of this year’s Christmas trade, look after your team and encourage and challenge them to bring their A-game to work. If you haven't already, explore investing in a specialised retail sales training programme to prepare your salespeople.

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