A night in the life of a RedSeed camera man

Lights, camera, action while filming in-store retail straining scenarios

In my last few months at RedSeed I have had the privilege of filming customised content for our Retail Sales course for a number of businesses. Today, I wanted to share my experiences from a typical night of filming, and also my key learnings about WHY this is pivotal to training success.


Before we even consider filming it’s important that we, as a team, understand your business and the products or services you sell. This helps us to sculpt our courses around your products and business. For instance understanding Features, Advantages, and Benefits (or F.A.B.’s), which is a fundamental skill taught in RedSeed’s Retail Sales course, is a tricky technique to get right; so, our team create relevant scenarios using your products and people to demonstrate the subtleties of this sales technique.

Our goal is to get your trainees to relate to what they are being shown; and what better way to do that than with examples directly from their shop floor.


Picture this, your Manager asks you if you’d like to take part in a night of filming as part of the development of a Retail Sales course, you say “of course!”.

You arrive not knowing what to expect and meet a team of people from a company called RedSeed. We explain new sales techniques to you which you may never have used before and ask you to act out the techniques with a customer, all the while being filmed by two cameras. Sounds a little bit daunting right?

Well do not worry, because we are there to guide you the entire time. We don’t expect you to memorise lines, stand on a certain spot at a certain time or already know what we are teaching you.

We know that this could be as much of a learning process for you, as it will be for your teammates doing the course in the future. This leads nicely into introducing you to the people who will be supporting you on the night, the Directors.


You might think ‘Director’ and think of someone shouting lines at you and screaming for another short macchiato. Well we are nothing like that, and we’re more long black people anyway.

Our Directors, are the people who have worked with your business from the beginning; we’ve learnt about your products, your business, and your team. They are there to help guide you through the new techniques you are learning, and conveying them to camera, while explaining why they work so well and how you need to utilise them.

Once we've got the footage we need, our production team have edited it and built the course, I get a real sense of pride when I get to QA (Quality Assurance ensures that the course is up to our high RedSeed standard) the course, and see the final product all pulled together.

It’s a feeling of knowing that we have really helped a business move towards achieving their goals.

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