A RedSeed top tip: Feature, Advantage & Benefit (FABs)

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Features tell and benefits sell! So true…

So, why then do so many sales assistants focus on the features of the product or solution and let the customer try and work out the benefits for themselves?

Every customer needs to feel that the product that they’re buying is perfect for them, and when the benefits are clearly explained, there’s a compelling reason to buy!

In our Retail Sales training programme we explain Features, Advantages, and Benefits (FABs) and how to use them to great effect with your customers.

Here’s a quick overview to get you started;


The ‘Features’ of what you’re selling, are the facts or characteristics about the product or service, for example; what it’s made of, size, colour, capacity, or finish.


The ‘Advantage’ of a feature explains why it’s good. For example, if the garment is made of wool [feature], one reason wool is good is that it breathes [advantage].


Benefits are what make us buy, so they are VERY important. Now you need to say why breathable wool is a benefit to your customer. Benefits are personalised. So it’s important to ask good questions early in the sale, so you can connect what you learned about your customer, to the product or solution you’re showing them. For example: Going for the wool, will mean that when you’re working in the Sydney heat [what you learned] you’ll still be really comfortable [benefit].

Here’s another example;Your customer is looking for a new computer chair because they have back problems.

“This chair has an ergonomic design [feature] which means that it’s extremely comfortable [advantage] when you’re sitting for a long period of time. It will reduce your back pain [benefit 1] so you’re able to do a full day in the office [benefit 2].

By talking about the benefits of the solution to your customer, you personalise the solution and create the need to buy.

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