Bespoke RedSeed training videos: Now delivered fresh, worldwide!

In-store retail sales training filming at Bivouac Outdoors

At RedSeed we’re always looking for ways to improve the experience of our trainees, and we’re happy to announce we recently rolled out a major upgrade to one of the most important aspects of our system: delivering bespoke training videos to trainees’ browsers and mobile devices speedily, wherever they are in the world.

Our customised, professionally-produced training videos are one of the most important ways RedSeed stands apart from traditional Learning Management Systems and adds value to our training partners’ organisation - and now, thanks to our partnership with the international leader in content delivery, they’ll be in your browser faster than ever.

RedSeed is used in over 20 different countries - and counting! This wide distribution of clients quickly made it obvious that we needed to speed up our video delivery to countries further away from New Zealand and Australia - and that’s where Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) shine.

If you’re not sure what a CDN is or how it works, here’s a simple analogy.

Let’s say you’re driving to work on a Monday morning, mind on the week ahead, when you notice a yellow warning light. Low on petrol! You need to fill up. Do you need to drive to a refinery in the Middle East?

No, luckily there’s a service station just down the road and they happily make it their business to store petrol - nearer to the consumers. Way quicker and more convenient!

Same with a CDN. When you need a video downloaded - your browser will just go to the nearest location where the video is stored, instead of travelling all the way to New Zealand to fetch it.

A CDN allows trainees across the world to experience our courses at nearly the same speed as users in the same country as our servers. After investigating several options, RedSeed has partnered with the Cloudflare CDN network which comes with the added benefit of increased security.

Cloudflare has more than 115 different CDN locations - which means there is always one close by. Less distance travelled results in faster video loads - and a better training experience for all RedSeed users!

This is especially key for some of our retail sales training customers who have stores around the world, and know how important it is to maintain a good user experience.

Another great benefit of delivering video content faster is that it allows us to increase quality of our videos - which has made our producer Glen very happy indeed; he’s been dying to show off his new 4k footage!

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