Cultivating an Active & Thriving Workplace through Employee Wellbeing

We're excited to announce Active & Thriving as our prefer employee wellbeing partner to launch our course; Building Personal Resilience.
Cultivating an Active & Thriving Workplace through Employee Wellbeing
Employee wellbeing is vital to the success of any business. That's why we've partnered with Active & Thriving to give more teams access to the tools they need to succeed!

Having a mentally fit team is essential for a successful business, so we've chosen Active & Thriving as our preferred partners for developing and building new course material focused on employee wellbeing. Their expertise has supported us in creating our course, Building Personal Resilience.

About Active & Thriving

‍Who are they?

Active & Thriving empower your employees to live healthy and fulfilling lives. They make your workplace unstoppable. Their platform inspires participants to take action towards a healthier life. And, they work to help businesses identify any mental health concerns early on and provide support.

What do they do?

The Active & Thriving team believe that healthy employees are happy employees. So they created a platform that encourages individuals, teams and organisations to live healthy and fulfilling lives.

For as little as $1/person per month, they'll send you challenges, tips and guidance from experts in nutrition, fitness, sleep and psychology. And, you can track your progress all in one place!

To make the journey even more accessible, they provide discreet and personalised support for anyone at risk of a mental health concern.

How does this partnership support staff wellbeing?

We believe that a healthy and thriving workplace is key to unlocking the potential of your people. While we provide teams with the tools to grow, we know that having a mentally fit team is an essential piece of the puzzle.

When we first met with the team at Active & Thriving, we knew that our missions aligned. Their knowledge of mental wellbeing was integral in helping us grow our library with content that delivers value to trainees.

Let's talk about how we can create an active and thriving workplace so you can unlock the potential of your teams!

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